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Leased Line Internet Access

Our Internet Access portfolio, also known as Leased Lines, provides dedicated, fast, reliable and secure ethernet connectivity. Benefits include speeds up to 1Gbps, 24x7 UK support with SLA fix times from 5 hours. 

We have 100% UK coverage (95% on our network) and with no installation fees you are even closer to resilient and cost-effective connectivity.

From £90 a month

Ethernet Access Direct (EAD) Ethernet First Mile (EFM) Ethernet over Fibre (EoFTTC)
Up to 1Gb symmetrical speeds Up to 20Mb symmetrical speeds Up to 76Mb download speeds
No installation fee on 3 year contracts (1 year also available) No installation fee on 3 year contracts (1 year also available) No installation fee on 3 year contracts (1 year also available)
5-hour fix (fast response) 7-hour fix 7-hour fix
Faster setup than other providers Fast installs Quicker setup than other Ethernet products
**1Gbps for the price of 300Mbps at select UK locations - call to find out more
From £274 a month From £150 a month From £90 a month


  • Dedicated connection, fully uncontended

  • No installation fee options

  • Quicker installs than other providers***

  • Unlimited usage

  • Grow flexibly with speeds up to 1Gbps

  • 99.995% network reliability

  • Resilient and secure (no shared backhaul)

  • More local Ethernet exchange access than others

  • 24/7 service and support

  • Fix times from 5 hours

  • Prioritised bandwidth for consistently high speeds

  • Low latency

Save up to £2,500 off a dedicated internet connection

The Gigabit Voucher scheme has been launched by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) as part of its Local Full Fibre Networks Programme.

As an approved Government partner, TalkTalk Business Direct is able to work with you to find out if you’re eligible and then carry out all the hard work to help you claim your voucher.

Gigabit Voucher Scheme

1 Gbps for the price of 300 Mbps

Treble your speed at select locations in the UK** with our bandwidth boosts. Get in touch to see how much you could save.

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Ethernet Access Direct (EAD)

  • Up to 1Gb symmetrical speeds
  • No installation fee on 3 year contracts (1 year also available)
  • 5-hour fix (fast response)
  • Faster setup than other providers**
  • From £274 a month

Ethernet First Mile (EFM)

  • Up to 20Mb symmetrical speeds
  • No installation fee on 3 year contracts (1 year also available)
  • 7-hour fix
  • Fast installs
  • From £150 a month

Ethernet over Fibre (EoFTTC)

  • Up to 76Mb download speeds
  • No installation fee on 3 year contracts (1 year also available)
  • 7-hour fix
  • Quicker setup than other ethernet products
  • From £90 a month


Our Technology

  • TalkTalk Business delivers Internet Access across our all-IP Next Generation Network which covers more than 95% of the UK.
  • Supports both Cloud-ready internet and private network services, MPLS, Next Generation Voice, cloud-based services, streaming and broadcasting.
  • Enables the seamless movement of huge amounts of data quickly Future-proofed with the scalability to adapt to your changing needs.

Network Capabilities

  • We deliver fast and symmetrical speeds with superior reliability and performance consistency that's achievable only on an uncontended line.
  • Delivers the speeds and resilience to support VoIP and hosted solutions.
  • Provides the performance needed to access high-quality voice, data, video and cloud-based services.

SLA's & Support Service


  • We offer fault fixing SLAs from 5 hours that are backed by service credits.


  • We understand that you need to be online for your customers and employees. We’re here to ensure you are always connected with our 24x7 UK-based suppport.

Joining Process

Installation Support:

  • We will assign an account manager (desk based or field) who will be your first point of call into TalkTalk Business.
  • For an additional cost, we can also provide a service manager who will give regular performance reviews of your connectivity.
  • Enhanced delivery includes a Project Manager who will oversee the end to end process at an additional cost.
  • We fully manage all practical aspects at your premises, ensuring minimal disruption to your day-to-day business.
  • Connectivity is fully go-live tested during the installation process.

Installation Lead Times

  • ***TalkTalk Business delivers installations 11 days (on average) faster than other providers on Ethernet Access Direct orders.
  • As it's hugely dependent on your site, installations can have a quick lead time of 40 days or sometimes over 100 days.

Cloud-ready Internet Access

TalkTalk Business boast one of the largest and best connected next generation networks in the UK, complimented by our peering relationship with 330 global Partners.

Our portfolio of Cloud-ready Connectivity solutions start at 10Mb and go up to 1Gbps, they’re delivered over one of the largest Ethernet exchange networks in the UK (over 3,000) and provide ultrafast connectivity to your cloud providers. Not to mention offering the best browsing experience in the UK (ranked number 1 by the industry-rating agency SamKnows).

We have network scale few UK providers can match: multiple terabits of internet connectivity and direct peering with 100’s of internet and cloud providers - 90%+ of our traffic achieves a direct path.  Our Internet Access is Cloud-ready and ideal for accessing your critical business applications: we have direct connections with Salesforce, Microsoft Azure, Workday, AWS, Concur amongst others.

Join our Cloud-ready customers today who are already benefitting from increased efficiency, reduced latency and low packet loss compared to other providers.

Why TalkTalk Business

60% More Ethernet Exchanges vs BT
95% UK Coverage
5 Hour Fast Fix Time SLA
99.995% Network Reliability
More Points of Presence than Other Prodivers
90% First Call Resolution & 24/7 UK Support

Easy to do business with

Whether you’re looking for a simple package or a managed solution, we make the process hassle-free from joining to using to changing. With over 600 dedicated UK-based business specialists, you’ll find the help you need.

See how TalkTalk Business being 'Easy to Deal With' is critical to Fuller's pubs.

Offer applies to new EoFTTC and EAD connections only. EoFTTC is priced from £90 for the duration of the contract and subject to a three-year minimum contract term and low cost areas (on-net). Offer excludes zones 2 and B. Promotion is only available to existing customers where a bearer upgrade is applied and excludes bandwidth upgrades and contract downgrades.

**Bandwidth boost get 1Gbps and only pay for 300Mbps – treble your speed

1Gbps Ethernet Access Direct is now the same price as 300Mbps Ethernet Access Direct at select locations (Zones A and B exchanges), excluding any additional distance charges. For the duration of your contract term you can treble your bandwidth for the same price. Subject to availability.