2022 will drive a new need for speed

Are you going fast enough? We only ask because, in 2022, the need for speed is only going to get greater.

We’re talking about internet speed, of course, and the trends that will drive your bandwidth requirements skywards over the next 12 months and beyond.

Here are five trends that may stretch your connectivity to the limit.


The recovery truly begins

Will 2022 be the year we finally put the pandemic behind us and focus fully on recovery? It’s hard to be sure, but there’s a good chance that any restrictions imposed for the winter will be eased in spring and summer, when even more of the population will be fully vaccinated.

If so, many businesses will be looking to make up for lost time. They’ll be keen to invest in tools that make their processes more efficient while sparking greater productivity. And in today’s increasingly online world, those tools will inevitably be digital ones.

Whether you’re using data analysis to target new customers more accurately or unified communications to help remote staff collaborate more easily, the solutions you choose to help your business recover from the pandemic will require faster, more reliable connectivity. Make sure you have the speed and bandwidth you need.


New habits, new connectivity

Even if the pandemic wanes in 2022 (and we’ve all got our fingers crossed for that), many of the habits and ways of doing things adopted during lockdowns won’t be going anywhere.

Most obviously, many of us will continue to work from home, at least some of the time.

In addition, while face-to-face meetings will return to some extent, many of the more routine customer communications will continue to happen virtually. And customers that have got used to buying from slick e-commerce sites will expect to be able to carry on doing so after the pandemic ends.

In other words, the first two years of the pandemic ushered in – or at the very least accelerated the widespread adoption of – a world of virtual interactions that are here to stay. Expect 2022 to see the emergency measures that businesses implemented since the first lockdown become permanent, with all the implications for your bandwidth that such a transition implies.


A communications revolution

Many businesses who had to send staff home for lockdowns relied on unified communications (UC) to stay in touch and collaborate.

The cloud communications revolution will continue into 2022 and beyond, as businesses replace ageing on-site PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems with hosted voice and UC. Within a few short years, the idea of hosting telecommunications equipment in your office is likely to seem quaint.

Cloud-based UC allows you to bundle voice, video, conferencing, chat and more in one package, scale your solution up and down at will, and only pay for what you use. There’s no upfront CapEx required, and you don’t pay maintenance costs.

Cloud-based communications is a no-brainer, with one significant caveat: you need to have the connectivity to match your digital ambition. HD video conferencing, for example, is a data-hungry service. Make sure your broadband or dedicated internet access is up to the task.


A brave new world of technology

Most businesses are likely to invest in more cloud services in 2022, but a growing number will take digital transformation a step or two further.

Internet of Things (IoT) technology can help businesses more accurately predict delivery times and more precisely control inventories and stock supplies. Big data can help them predict customer demand or supply chain issues. Artificial Intelligence can help them model different scenarios and prepare for the future.

There are countless ways in which cutting edge technologies like these can help businesses, and we’ve barely scratched the surface of what they have to offer. More solutions based on these innovations will become available in 2022, and more of them will be affordable to a wider range of businesses. This brave new world can streamline your processes in all sorts of ways, but it does require reliable connectivity to function properly.


The application of agility

What all of this points to is the further evolution of the agile business. The need to be flexible will be shown in all sorts of ways in 2022 and beyond.

Employees will need the tools to be productive wherever they are. They’ll want to be able to access the same services in the office, at home or on the train. They’ll want to access them on whatever device is most appropriate at any given moment, whether that’s a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Meanwhile, businesses will need the freedom to scale their services up and down as circumstances dictate. They’ll want central control over features, permissions and access. They’ll want visibility over productivity, trends and customer satisfaction.

It’s all about agility, and that means it’s all about digital-first business. Make sure you have the connectivity you need to create the agile business you want to be, in 2022 and beyond.

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