4 top tips for hiring the best staff

4 top tips for hiring the best staff

Ben Kempster, Head of Direct

Ben Kempster, Head of Direct

“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.”— Jim Collins in Good to Great

We all know that hiring the right people is key to the success of any business, but attracting and retaining talent is no easy feat. For small and medium-sized firms it is crucial to have a core team of dedicated and professional colleagues - particularly as your organisation starts to expand.

Building the dream team takes significant investment for a small company, both in terms of time and financial resources, so it’s important to try and get it right first time. But in some ways, they may have an advantage over larger competitors. The smaller, more intimate culture that many SMEs can offer will be attractive to many people, while they can also move much faster to secure top talent.

Here are our top tips for attracting the best talent and hiring the right people:

Target the right channels

The value of effective networking can't be underestimated, and in today's environment, there are more options than ever when it comes to finding the right people. Simply posting on local job sites or your website is no longer enough.

For instance, you can't ignore social media. A 2016 study by Glassdoor revealed 79 per cent of jobseekers used social media to find a role, rising to 86 percent among younger people. Think also about the type of role you're advertising for and what channel is most appropriate - LinkedIn may be great for graduate roles, but Twitter and Facebook shouldn't be overlooked either.

Make sure you're giving the right impression

You need to impress potential employees just as much as they need to impress you - perhaps even more so in an environment where competition for top talent is fierce. Even simple things such as having a professional-looking, well designed website can go a long way towards selling yourself to prospective hires.

It's also important to keep communication open with candidates, to ensure they're well-informed about the recruitment process and know when to expect decisions. Even if they are ultimately unsuccessful, they'll go away with an opinion of your company they'll be willing to share. If it's a positive one, they'll remember it and potentially share it with other prospective candidates.

Offer exciting perks and incentives

Silicon Valley may be leading the way with quirky perks such as nap areas and slides, but actually, most people want far simpler things when it comes to workplace incentives. According to recent figures from CV-Library, just five per cent of workers want a workplace with a nap or games room. Instead, 47 per cent cited flexible working as their top perk, so think about how your staff communicate when away from the office. Products like Hosted Voice can make this very easy. 

Other incentives like seasonal bonuses, extra holiday time and staff discounts also featured highly, so with nearly two-thirds of workers stating the perks on offer are a key factor when deciding whether to accept a job, getting this right could be the key. If you want to make this easier, check out tools like Perkbox that can help you extend the range of benefits you can offer your staff. 

Implement a solid onboarding process

Even if you've selected what you think is the perfect hire and your offer has been accepted, the work isn't over. The first few weeks in a new role are critical, and employees want to feel they've made the right choice.

Make sure you have a clear, structured induction and onboarding process that introduces them to the business and its way of operations. Create a checklist of what info needs to be imparted, or draft a set of answers to FAQs they're likely to ask.

First impressions go both ways, and you don't want to appear disorganised. Invest time early and instead of an employee who will be looking to move on in a matter of months, you can build relationships that last for years. 

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