At the moment, many businesses can’t enjoy the benefits of a full fibre connection – like Business Full Fibre from TalkTalk Business – because the technology is yet to be deployed in their area.

However, many of them will be able to take advantage of our Business Ultrafast Fibre service instead. That’s good news, because Business Ultrafast Fibre is a slightly different form of fibre connectivity, based on a technology called It can achieve speeds of up to 300Mbps, which is more than enough for many businesses to future proof their operations. 

The main difference between these two connectivity technologies is in the cabling. Business Full Fibre – also known as Fibre to the Premise (FTTP) or ‘Full Fibre’ – uses a fibre optic cable for the entire journey from the main internet exchange all the way to your office. is similar to a traditional Superfast Fibre connection, which is also known as Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) . Your data travels across fibre cables for most of the journey, but then switches to copper wires for the last stretch between the green street cabinet and your site.

However, Superfast Fibre has a maximum speed of up to 76Mbps, while is much faster, with the potential to reach up to 300Mbps downstream (and an impressive 40Mbps upstream). Given that it uses similar infrastructure, how does it achieve such zippy speeds? 

It’s all in the frequency

Without wanting to get too technical, our Business Ultrafast Fibre utilises special equipment in the BT cabinet to alter the speed frequencies of the connection. That pushes the signal along the copper part of the journey more quickly, resulting in faster and more reliable connectivity.

Business Ultrafast Fibre is a big step up from our FTTC Superfast Fibre and gives businesses the bandwidth and faster broadband speeds they need to be more innovative. Business Ultrafast Fibre connections can easily handle high bandwidth tasks without slowdown or stutter. Video calls are smoother, clearer, and large files download in moments, allowing multiple employees to connect and collaborate across cloud services without any reduction in speed.

If your ADSL or Superfast Fibre connection is stretched to the limit, Business Ultrafast Fibre can future proof your business for a new generation of digital tools and services. 

Business Ultrafast Fibre and FTTP

So, should you opt for Business Ultrafast Fibre or Business Full Fibre? Being honest, you probably won’t get that choice, at least not for a while.

Business Ultrafast Fibre has been rolled out to cover around 2.8 million premises, mainly in areas that couldn’t get Business Full Fibre. Looking to the future, it’s possible that some businesses will get the choice of Business Ultrafast Fibre or Business Full Fibre, as the full fibre rollout gathers pace.

If so, full fibre connections like Business Full Fibre are the faster and more reliable technology. Because Business Ultrafast Fibre still uses the copper network, speeds do slow down as you get further from the cabinet. Business Ultrafast Fibre is at its best within around 300 metres of a street cabinet. Business Full Fibre suffers from no such limitation, with top speeds available however far you are from the exchange.

In other words, Business Ultrafast Fibre is generally not as fast or reliable as Business Full Fibre, and that’s reflected in a lower price. But it’s an excellent option for businesses that need better connectivity than ADSL or Superfast Fibre, and can’t currently access a full fibre solution. Given that full fibre is the future, Business Ultrafast Fibre is a great stop gap until the future finally arrives. 

Business Ultrafast Fibre and TalkTalk Business – more for less 

At TalkTalk Business we offer two speeds of Business Ultrafast Fibre, up to 150Mbps and up to 300Mbps, both with totally unlimited downloads and uploads. In other words, if you’re in an Business Ultrafast Fibre area, you can now get connectivity that’s almost two or four times as fast as the best Superfast Fibre option. 

And ultrafast is also ultra-reliable, with Business Ultrafast Fibre available from as little as £29.95 (ex VAT) a month (terms and conditions apply)*, meaning you can can take your business connectivity to the next level at a price that won't break the bank.

Needless to say, you also get a raft of further TalkTalk Business benefits, including free line installation, no connection fees, our best-ever Business Wi-Fi Hub and 24/7 UK-based support, that’s rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot – the best of any tier 1 provider!

Businesses are looking to enhance their connectivity as we enter a new post-pandemic era of hybrid work and enhanced digital services. For many of them, Business Ultrafast Fibre is the perfect combination of price and speed. 

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*Simply Business Ultrafast Fibre 150 priced at £29.95 per month on 24-month contract. Reverts to standard out of contract pricing thereafter (£34.95 per month). All prices exclude VAT. 

Please see our terms and conditions at for full details including terms of use and detailed product price lists.