Over the last six months, the way businesses of all sizes work has changed dramatically. Throughout the UK, as more and more businesses adopted hybrid working practices, it became clear just how vital fast, reliable connectivity really is. At TalkTalk, we’re committed to making ultrafast broadband available to as many UK businesses as possible, so that they can unleash their full potential. 

But with Full Fibre not available across all postcodes – and the national rollout not going to be complete before 2025 at the earliest – what can businesses outside the fortunate areas do to get the best connectivity possible? Say hello to Business Ultrafast Fibre… 

Part of our range of ultrafast products, Business Ultrafast Fibre bridges the gap between our traditional fibre offering and Full Fibre, and delivers lightning-fast download speeds of up to 330Mbps, enabling businesses that can’t access Full Fibre to support the latest, bandwidth-hungry ways of working. 

But how does it work? Our Business Ultrafast Fibre technology sends an altered frequency through copper cables to supercharge your old FTTC connectivity and dramatically increase the available speed and reliability. And because it enhances existing fibre connectivity, Business Ultrafast Fibre is often available in areas where Full Fibre hasn’t yet been rolled out, so even more businesses can access ultrafast speeds. 

What’s more, it’s not only download speeds that benefit, Business Ultrafast Fibre also delivers super powered upload speeds of 50Mbps, giving businesses everything they need to be able to download large files, make crystal-clear VoIP call, upload videos and much more. 

Businesses have never been more reliant on their connectivity than right now. And in these challenging times, a greater number of businesses need access to ultrafast fibre so they can work more efficiently and maximise productivity, while evolving their processes to accommodate new ways of working. With Business Ultrafast Fibre, we’re continuing our mission to deliver the next generation of connectivity to more businesses than ever, while enabling them to equip themselves with the connectivity needed to futureproof their operations – and crucially, we’ll be making it highly affordable too. 

We’re providing two versions of our Business Ultrafast Fibre product: Simply Ultrafast and Complete Ultrafast. Both packages offer speeds of up to 300/50Mbs, as well as year-round support for UK businesses, seven days a week and totally unlimited ultrafast broadband, but the key difference is that Complete Ultrafast will include unlimited UK landline and mobile calls. 

Jon Nowell, Director of Small business and Fibre for Every Business at TalkTalk Business understands the importance this connectivity will have for businesses across the UK and for their hybrid or remote working employees: “The widespread adoption of hybrid working practices and rapid digital acceleration that we’ve witnessed this year, shows that we simply cannot wait for the UK-wide rollout of Full Fibre to provide businesses with a fast and reliable connection. And, at a time when small-medium businesses are grappling with a range of challenges, increasing their bandwidth cost effectively will provide a much-needed boost. 

“We also see this as being a welcome addition for those business owners and their workforces who are spending more time working from home and contending with conducting business on a residential connection. Our ultrafast, business-grade connectivity can be installed quickly and easily as a second line into many residential addresses, supporting those whose connectivity demands have increased during the past few months and who find themselves regularly battling for bandwidth.” 

Business Ultrafast Fibre will be available to TalkTalk Business customers very soon and we’ll be sharing more exciting announcements about this fantastic new product in the coming weeks, so be sure to check our website and social channels for updates. Alternatively, you can register to be the first to know by calling us on 03301 629 838.