Every business is, to some extent, a digital business. That was true before Covid. It’s even more so now.

Businesses whose digital ambitions might have stretched no further than email and a website before the pandemic are emerging with a new digital-first focus. Cloud communications and IP telephony have kept remote businesses operational during Covid. E-commerce and cashless payments have kept them afloat.

Businesses have had to embrace new ways of working and will continue to do so. That means they’ll rely more than ever on fast data transfer, cloud services, video conferencing, e-commerce and many more. All of which means that connectivity becomes a business-critical issue.

The digital dilemma

As they emerge blinking into the sunlight of the post-lockdown era, many businesses are faced with a digital dilemma. They know that new ways of working and selling demand the increased use of digital services. At the same time, the connectivity that seemed more than adequate 18 months ago is now a brake on their ambitions. Many business networks are stretched to the limit.

Insufficient bandwidth is leading to frozen video calls with customers, and important files that take an age to arrive. Downtime has become a problem. It means the great promise of cloud-based communication and collaboration tools can never be properly realised.

That’s why many businesses are looking to enhance their connectivity. Organisations need fast, dependable internet as a foundation for recovery.

More for your money

The solution to this dilemma may be one that many small businesses in particular thought out of their reach. A leased line (aka Direct Internet Access - DIA) service with exclusive, uncontended bandwidth sounds like the kind of connectivity reserved exclusively for large enterprises. But at TalkTalk Business we offer a range of DIA products that together offer a leased line-type solution for every kind of business.

Most importantly, all our DIA solutions offer exclusive, uncontended connectivity. What that means in practice is that your connection won’t slow to a snail’s pace at peak times, and that video calls should be smooth and glitch-free at any time of day. Your service can be as fast as you want it to be. We offer scores of DIA speeds between 10Mbps and 10Gbps. In addition, simultaneous speeds make DIA perfect for services that need simultaneous data transfer, like IP-telephony, video conferencing and real-time business services.

And DIA is resilient. Our Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet service, for example, is largely based on fibre optic cable – only the last bit from the exchange to your premises is copper cables – so it’s more reliable than many standard broadband services. Our Ethernet in the First Mile service uses multiple copper circuits so if one component fails, you won’t lose connection.

Our Dedicated Leased Line connectivity – also known as Ethernet Access Direct –is end-to-end fibre, offering the fastest, most robust Ethernet on the market. At TalkTalk Business we enhance the natural resilience of DIA with business-grade SLAs on all products, promising fast fix times starting at just four hours.

The support you need

DIA is ideal as cloud-ready connectivity and perfect for private networks. And as is always the case with TalkTalk Business, your service will be backed by our 24/7/365 UK-based support, and one of the most reliable networks in the UK. Thousands of our customers have rated us ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot, so you know your business is in safe hands.

There’s no doubt that post-lockdown business is more digitally focused than ever, which means many small companies will require a connectivity upgrade. With DIA from TalkTalk Business, you can get more than you bargained for, for less than you might expect.

You can find out more about DIA here. Or if you’d like to speak to our expert team, give us a call on 03301 733 968.