The rest of the World just got Smaller

The rest of the World just got Smaller

Kara Howard, Head of Communicate Portfolio

Kara Howard, Head of Communicate Portfolio

Globalisation increases every day and the world shrinks every day. New markets open up, companies trade in more territories than ever before and they sell their goods to more people in more places.

To aid our customers in reaching and working with markets outside the UK, TalkTalk Business has launched a set of international numbers available in over 105 countries.

We have two types of numbers, local geographic and Freephone. Both types work in the same way: we allocate you an in-country local number that, when used in that country, is routed to a UK-based number of your choice, such as your office landline or mobile. It really is very simple.

We can provide geographic numbers in over 4,000 cities and 90 countries worldwide. So you can give your customers a Chicago or Cape Town number for them to call in locally without fuss or hassle.

Our experience has shown that many companies want to market their products and services abroad, but the expense of presenting a local image too much to bear. We have helped hundreds of companies like you do just that, in a cost effective and efficient way. Using International Numbers enables companies to dip their toes into new markets before committing to the expense of deploying new staff and resources.

On top of local numbers we can also provide Freephone numbers in over 110 countries. These free-to-call* numbers work in exactly the same way, but can help encourage increased contacts and sales.

So if you want to expend your global footprint, access new markets or just improve the way you communicate with your existing markets come and talk to us to see how we can make the world that little bit smaller for you.

If you’d like any more information about TalkTalk Business’ International Numbers, please contact your Account Manager or send an email.

* Subject to local carrier restrictions and tariffs


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