Vets Now

TalkTalk Business ensures optimal network performances and a seamless work-from-home solution for Vets Now

Vets Now was founded in 2001, by a veterinary surgeon who understood the pressure of being on-call round the clock while also trying to maintain a good quality of life. The organisation delivers a trusted service to more than 1500 veterinary practices across the UK, with 60 dedicated out-of-hours clinics and three 24/7 pet emergency hospitals. Its team of highly skilled staff treat approximately 170,000 small animals every year, while providing referral services to more small animal practices than anyone else.

The Covid pandemic presented various challenges for the business. Customer demand surged significantly, especially across its ‘Video Vet’ video chat service, as pet owners were mostly unable to access on-site services. Plus, Vets Now had to enable its 1,700 staff to work remotely where possible, to ensure the safety of employees and customers.

TalkTalk Business supported Vets Now’s Covid reaction by quadrupling capacity as and when it was required. This has ensured that bandwidth-heavy services such as the ‘Video Vets’ online consultation service could meet increasing demands from service users.

The team also delivered a highly scalable, proven business communication platform that enables voice, unified messaging, mobility, presence, conferencing, collaboration, applications, and more through a single platform that is accessible on every device staff require. All within a time frame that would usually be near-impossible.


Read the full case study here to find out more about how our network is helping Vets Now thrive.