Next steps on the journey for a better Openreach

Next steps on the journey for a better Openreach

2016 has been a year when many in the industry have become particularly vocal about the future of Openreach. During 2016, TalkTalk joined forces with Vodafone, Sky, the Federation of Communication Services and Three to launch a nationwide campaign to encourage businesses to have their say on the future of the UK’s connectivity. We were honoured that so many of you joined with us to call on Ofcom to take radical steps to Fix Britain’s Internet. 

We had heard time and time again about your frustrations with Openreach, so when Ofcom announced a ten week consultation on whether Openreach should be legally separated from the rest of BT Group, the campaign swung into action.

We are hugely grateful to everyone who supported us by sharing the campaign with colleagues, friends and family members.

Two weeks ago, Ofcom announced that their negotiations with BT had come to nothing and they are pressing ahead with their separation plans by referring the issue to the European Commission. While we would like Ofcom to go further still, and go for full separation, we’re pleased that the regulator has taken a significant step on the journey to a better Openreach and better Internet access for everyone.

So what next? We will continue to do everything we can to work with Openreach to increase the speed of new Ethernet connections. Engagement is always the best option, and by changing the way that we work and communicate with Openreach (setting up dedicated contact teams for example), we have already seen better results for our customers.

To learn more about how we are collaborating with Openreach to improve service click here.