Over 75,000 join campaign to Fix Britain’s Internet

Over 75,000 join campaign to Fix Britain’s Internet

It's incredible to think nearly ten weeks has passed since the Fix Britain's Internet campaign launched. In recent weeks over 75,000 people have responded to Ofcom's consultation on the future of the nation's broadband. Together, we joined forces with Vodafone, Sky and the Federation of Communications Services to launch the nationwide campaign encouraging businesses to take a stand and email Ofcom. We are thrilled to announce that we've not been alone in our efforts, as along the way our customers and Partners have joined us. The end of the campaign is in sight, but there is still time to lend support before the consultation closes.

There's been plenty of debate about Openreach over the summer. Not only have ISPs campaigned about the separation of Openreach from BT, politicians have also taken a stand on the issue with the Culture Secretary, Karen Bradley MP, claiming that they need to be tougher to get to the right result, "if that means the structural separation of BT and Openreach, this Government are prepared to consider that." We've also heard from customers who have voiced their concern for the future on social media and urged their friends and family to join the campaign.

Most importantly we've listened to our customers. We hear day in and day out about the frustrations you face with problems caused by constantly being let down by Openreach. This can lead not only to financial costs, but a reputational cost too. One of the businesses to share their story was XLN Telecom, who has faced installation delays and missed engineer appointments putting their business at a disadvantage with competitors. It's unacceptable and our businesses and end customers deserve better.

We are hugely thankful and appreciative that so many of our customers have joined the campaign to Fix Britain's Internet. Ofcom has the power, and is moving in the right direction, but it's important that they truly understand just how important this is to the business community so that they can be brave enough to take the radical action we all know we need.

On 4th October the regulator will close its public consultation on its plans for improving internet speeds and reliability. The countdown has begun and now is the time to share the message and help support the campaign before it closes.

There's still time to make a difference: visit www.fixbritainsinternet.co.uk/business to sign up.