TalkTalk Business launches International Numbers

TalkTalk Business launches International Numbers

Helping British businesses better operate abroad

TalkTalk Business has today launched its International Numbers service for direct customers, providing new global options for businesses using TalkTalk Business’ next-generation voice solutions.

The new International Numbers service will allow UK companies to choose either a freephone or local landline number from over 110 countries, diverting it to any existing fixed line or mobile number. The offering will provide a cost-efficient way for businesses to bolster their international reach by utilising the local numbers of a target country.

TalkTalk Business’ International Numbers offering is affordable and scalable, making it a good fit for any small, medium, or large business that wants to grow by attracting new customers overseas or better serve their existing clients in international markets.

International Numbers is available for new and existing customers using TalkTalk Business’ next generation SIP network and is available in a range of packages to suit businesses of different sizes or for particular projects which require greater international capacity.

Key features of TalkTalk Business’ International Numbers offering:

  • International Numbers provide a much more cost-effective way to reach international markets than establishing and maintaining remote offices
  • TalkTalk Business offers a wide range of International Numbers, with toll free numbers in over 110 countries and geographic and local numbers in over 90 countries reaching 4,000 city codes
  • All numbers are hosted on the TalkTalk Business UK SIP network, backed by one of the UK’s largest Next Generation Networks

Duncan Gooding, Director of Enterprise and Direct Sales at TalkTalk Business, comments:

"UK businesses know that there's huge growth potential in overseas markets, whether it's reaching new customers or connecting with potential clients. For many businesses though, setting up entirely new remote offices simply so that there's someone waiting on the end of the phone is impractical, while those you're trying to reach may be put off dialing UK numbers from overseas. International Numbers offer a scalable solution for businesses, making the most of TalkTalk Business' next generation voice network to help British companies grow overseas."