Why we’re supporting this year’s Small Business Saturday

Why we’re supporting this year’s Small Business Saturday

We’re proud to announce that TalkTalk Business will once again support Small Business Saturday this year. Small Business Saturday is an annual event highlighting the very best in small business success. This year, it’s taking place on Saturday December 3rd, and both on the day and in the run up to it, the campaign will encourage people up and down the country to ‘shop local’ and boost small businesses within their communities.

We’re supporting the campaign because, like the organisers of the event, we recognise and celebrate small businesses and their local and national importance. Together they form the backbone of our high street. They’re more than just businesses; they’re the centre of their communities. In order to compete with larger incumbents, small businesses need to leverage new ways to find and serve their customers, on more modest resources, making them incubators of innovation. Small businesses are agile and are likely to be more willing to do something a little bit different because they know their customers better than anyone else, or because they’re in the early stages of developing a product that might change the world. SMEs make sure the UK economy doesn’t become stale, adding variety and passion into the business world.

At TalkTalk Business, we want to make sure small businesses have access to world class connectivity and high speed internet so they can take advantage of the levelling nature of the internet, with the same clout as larger enterprises – whether that’s by having a reliable way to provide information, making transactions online, or with future-proofed voice communications so they can speak to their customers at crucial times.

We’re looking forward to an exciting few months of events taking place across the UK before the big day itself. In the run up to Small Business Saturday, we’ll be sharing insights from the UK’s top business leaders and experts, holding Q&As with successful small businesses, and giving away lots of prizes.

So if you’re keen to get involved in Small Business Saturday 2016 please make sure you’re checking for new announcements from us on Twitter, @TalkTalkBiz.  In the meantime, you can take a look at what we got up to on Small Business Saturday last year.

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