Our Relationship with the Web

Our Relationship with the Web

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The volume of web traffic is predicted to be 95 times that of 2005

39% of businesses advocate social media sites for better staff productivity

The Opinions of 1,000 Voices

Sat Nav in a carNo matter which sector you work in or how you like to spend your down time, most of us would agree that the internet has been pretty revolutionary. From conference calls across continents, to a last minute recipe find while you’re standing in the supermarket, we’ve come fairly reliant on an internet connection.

The Broadband And Me eBook explores how people are using the internet on a daily basis and how essential a reliable broadband connection has become.

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Our Newest Utility - An Internet Connection

Research has been carried out by leading survey platform, Pollfish, to explore the views and attitudes of 1,000 members of the British public have towards internet use.

The investigation touches on topics such as how fast broadband impacts business efficiency, the dividing on personal social media use at work and what the future of the internet might look like.

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According to statistics featured in the eBook, by 2020 the volume of web traffic is predicted to be 95 times that of 2005. In fact in the future, broadband could even be considered a ‘fourth utility’ which is interesting as our survey revealed that a massive 92% of people use the internet for recreational purposes on a daily basis.

The research shows that:

  • 35% claim that their jobs are totally reliant on having an internet connection.
  • 77% saw an obvious contrast in how businesses are run due to the internet.

Faster, cheaper and more reliable business (and private) broadband connections are also giving rise to whole new economies such as the blogging/vlogging industry and what has come to be known as the new ‘gig economy’. Young people and budding entrepreneurs are now using the internet as a platform to launch their careers, correlating with an increase in the popularity of freelance work and short-term jobs.

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