Jump to 2025: what will your strategy look like?

Jump to 2025: what will your strategy look like?

Will robotics run your operations? Is a new generation of digital natives likely to be satisfied with the working environment on offer? And which of your current working practices and technologies will remain?

office workers with virtual reality headset

Knowing that the workplace has to adapt if businesses are to remain competitive and attract top talent, we’ve launched a study to identify what key technologies, mindsets and processes will put the most successful businesses into the fast lane by 2025. 

Working with YouGov and industry-leading futurist, Graeme Codrington, let us separate the hype from the reality, advise on the opportunities available to your business and identify the steps all businesses should consider to prepare for the future of work. Sign up below to get this four-part series straight into your inbox.

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What to expect from the reports

Supercharged productivity:
Preparing for the future of the workplace todayWorkforces 2025 Front Cover

  • We explore where we are now, and what is responsible for holding back digital progress.
  • Which technology limitations UK businesses cite as their biggest frustration in the workplace.
  • We’ll reveal how UK employees really feel about the role of Artificial Intelligence in their business.

Tomorrow’s vision:
Business ex machina

  • We investigate how AI and chatbots are opening new doors for today’s innovators. 
  • Look inside the future workplace to see how accepted robots will be amongst their human colleagues.
  • Hear our Futurist’s view on the role of virtual reality and wearables in the workplace of 2025.

Changing the nature of business:
The Fourth Industrial Revolution

  • Labelled "4IR" we explore what this wave of change and innovation means for UK businesses. 
  • The report reviews how machines hold the key to unlocking smarter working futures.
  • A cultural shift is liberating today's employees - our Futurist assesses the challenges and opportunities this presents to management.

Smarter work futures:
Closing the digital distance

  • We explore if wearables have a place in the business world. 
  • The report outlines why an experimentation culture allows innovation to emerge across your business.
  • A cultural shift is liberating today's employees - our Futurist assesses the challenges and opportunities this presents to management.

Video: Prepare for tomorrow, today

Video: The role of machines in 2025

Video: Is your business ready for 4IR?

In the next decade we’re going to be inundated with technologies that will amaze even the most futuristic amongst us. And yet, with all this change swirling around us, many workplaces are slow to embrace new technology and changed approaches to work. 
Graeme Codrington, Futurist to TalkTalk Business
Imagine this…

Imagine this…

Over the next 10 years:

24% of us will use virtual reality to ‘attend’ conferences and 53% will wear a device to monitor productivity

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Only 1 in 5 Brits see AI as a threat to their job

More men than women have a positive outlook on automation in the workplace, believing it will reduce errors, according to the findings of the Workforces 2025 report released today by TalkTalk Business.

UK workers say OMG to RFID chip tracking

Research by TalkTalk Business has found that over two thirds of the UK working population would refuse to wear a micro-chip if asked by their employer (70 percent), with a third quitting their jobs.


Will machines unleash your business’ potential?

Business technologies are evolving at lightning speeds, changing the way companies operate and how people work. While this might seem daunting, these changes are fundamentally good for businesses.