At TalkTalk Business, we work with a range of channel partners from traditional voice resellers and dealers through to value added resellers, system integrators, network integrators, virtual network operators and consultants.

Whether you’re after a purely wholesale relationship taking core connectivity, a reseller wanting managed services to sell on or a dealer interested in end-user telecoms services, TalkTalk Business can accommodate your needs.

Our partners can take advantage of our 800-strong team of UK-based professionals and our three-tier account management system which includes project and account management, technical specialists and a dedicated service relationship manager.

TalkTalk Business will also offer you training to help you make sales and make sure you’re kept in the loop about future product roll-outs and escalation paths.

That way, you’ll have no trouble selling on any of the solutions – voice-related products, data options or a mixture of everything. The options are totally flexible so that your clients can get the bespoke service they need.

So contact TalkTalk Business and take advantage of our wealth of experience, which has earned us the Network Operator of the Year award in 2009 and the Cisco Customer Service Excellence Award in both 2007 and 2009.

Our partnership approach


TalkTalk Business’s partnering ethos

One of the key concerns for anyone going into partnership with another organisation is ‘will we be able to work together?’

If you come into partnership with TalkTalk Business, we shall do our utmost to make sure that life is easy for you and give you a great opportunity to make it a very profitable relationship too.

To answer any questions you have about our products or processes, we have a team of highly-knowledgeable professionals available to offer you support round the clock. From expert advice on how best to package and sell our propositions through to pre-sales consultancy and project managed technical delivery, you’ll get the very best support from us.

Plus, we offer a three tier account management to help to ensure the success of your business. You will receive project and account management, technical specialist managers and a dedicated service relationship manager.

And as soon as you join up with TalkTalk Business, you will be able to benefit from a wealth of support, tools and online portals to get you up and running in no time.

For instance, we will provide accredited workshop training for you and your staff to give you as many tools as possible to sell the product. The highly relevant, practical training will come before you go live and make sure that everyone at your end has the skills to answer queries and make sales.

And to make sure that you’re not selling outdated technology or using outdated practices, we’ll keep in regular communication with you to keep you in the loop with regard to future product roll outs and escalation paths.

As you may have gathered by now, we’re pretty serious about forging partnerships with partners and making the proposition work for all parties concerned.

Not that we’re usually ones to boast, but our great partner relations have won us a number of awards, including the Network Operator of the Year in 2009 and the Cisco Customer Service Excellence Award in both 2007 and 2009.

So that’s what partnership means to us, but will we be able to offer you a service that you can sell on to your clients?

Partnering options

Here at TalkTalk Business, we’re as flexible as our Next Generation Network – we work with a number of partner relationships so if you’re looking for a purely wholesale relationship taking core network connectivity, a reseller relationship taking managed services at wholesale prices or a dealer interested in end-user solutions with upfront and on-going commission packages we have a relationship to suit your business model.

Whatever form of relationship you want, we can help you extend your portfolio into more profitable means, because the profit margins available from the traditional voice market continue to spiral downwards.

If you want to stay in the voice market, we strongly recommend that you move away from the traditional for the sake of you and your client. TalkTalk Business can help you achieve this by offering a number of voice options, including managed MPF ADSL, SIP trunks over ADSL, Ethernet replacement of ISDN 30 and inbound call applications.

Don’t feel daunted by the terms, remember that here at TalkTalk Business we will help you during the transition to data services. Training, product guides, sales tips and practical advice and support will ensure you make the move from voice to data with confidence, and the backing of a committed and experienced partner.

It is a well known fact that it is easier to cross sell to your existing customer base than win new business in sticky economic times such as these, so focus on what you can do to increase your customer loyalty and revenue with products that tap directly into current business issues.

With this in mind, you could branch out and offer more We can offer you MPF, SMPF ADSL, a managed internet and L2TP service, IPVPN and Ethernet access to give your clients’ businesses a welcome boost.

And don’t forget that at TalkTalk Business, we’re more than happy to offer you and your clients a standard service or allow them to pick and choose what features they have in order to make the system work best for their company.

On line portals and simple processing

With TalkTalk Business’s business telephone and business broadband options, you can expect a flood of new clients and current ones increasing the range of products they buy from you, so it only makes sense that we help you deal with processing it all.

Our portals will help you manage and track new orders, upgrade and maintain installations, and provide your customers with proactive support. Portals include:

  • WLR3: provision, manage and track wholesale line rental with our secure, simple online portal.
  • LLU: set up and maintain your LLU connections.
  • The Portal: provision and build inbound solutions.
  • Secure FTP site: Your billing records will be made available on a secure FTP site, including daily CDRs (call data records).

Hopefully by this stage, you’ll have gathered the kind of partnership you could have with TalkTalk Business and let us reassure you of one thing – we’re in this for the long term.

As part of the TalkTalk group, we’re one of the largest communications network operators in the country and our 15 years of supporting channel partners has been very well received, as you can see from our testimonials page.

One of the things that make TalkTalk Business so popular with our partners is that we were the first to rollout a nationwide NGN and as a result we’ve been the first to offer them many network-based call handling applications.

So come and join us as we continue to lead the way with innovative developments and new data connectivity solutions.

Why TalkTalk Business?


There are a whole host of reasons why you should choose to align yourselves with TalkTalk Business as a telecom reseller.

Our processes are second to none and we will give you constant support, as we have done with all our partners for the last 15 years.

We’re also not afraid to push the boundaries of what’s possible to make sure that the best possible solutions are available for you and your clients.

We challenge Ofcom, big old networks and the government in order to get new ideas developed, lower costs and increase profit margins.

As a result of our tenacity, we have been able to develop a Next Generation Network (NGN) that covers more than 80 per cent of the country.

That gives us a massive 40 per cent more coverage than our nearest competitor, allowing us to offer reliable, low cost and future-proof solutions to even more companies.

With a business-dedicated workforce of 800, all happy to help you with any queries, it’s obvious that TalkTalk Business is the choice for you.