The economy could benefit to the tune of £19bn if bank holidays were scrapped, but is your company's call handling solution able to cope with the extra days off?

The Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) reckons that the extra bank holiday for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee will cost the economy £3.2bn, but unions and the British Retail Consortium have indicated that the holidays help encourage people to spend money and relax.

However, whatever the benefits or otherwise of having extra days off work, they can lead to frustrations for consumers if they try to call a contact centre and are left waiting for longer than normal or suffer disconnection as a result of staff having the day off.

TalkTalk Business's call handling solutions are flexible enough to take bank holidays into account, so you could reroute calls to alternative locations depending on staffing levels in order to ensure the highest level of customer service is maintained throughout the year.

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