If your business still uses 0845 or 0870 numbers, you can increase your revenue stream by switching to new inbound options and for a limited time, you can get a double rebate for up to 3 months, too.

Since Ofcom ruled the extra revenue generated by these numbers was no longer allowed, many businesses switched to 0844 and 0871 numbers instead, which still allow them to make money.

With the launch of a new offer from TalkTalk Businesses, you'll receive up to three months double rebate when you switch to 0844 and 0871 so that you can make a little extra inbound revenue from calls to these numbers.

And once you change to TalkTalk Business, you'll also gain free access to our call management system, which will let you optimise inbound handling times by being able to set up specific rules through a simple web portal.

The offer is available for a limited time and you must switch before end of April 2012.

To find out more, contact us at Talktalkbusiness.co.uk/campaigns/inbound

Terms and conditions apply.