The British economy is the most internet-reliant amongst developed countries, with SMEs doing particularly well out of having a speedy and reliable web connection.

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has found that the internet economy in this country was worth £121bn in 2010, making it bigger than healthcare, construction or education.

And SMEs have done particularly well, with revenues growing 12.5 per cent in each of the last three years for those that have an online presence.

The report also indicates that more online shopping takes place in the UK than any other member of the G20 countries, with 13.5 per cent of all purchases being done via a web connection.

That number's poised to leap to 23 per cent by 2016 and the web economy as a whole in the G20 countries is set to virtually double by 2016, according to a previous BCG study, which was supported by Google.

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