The What's Your Business Grade (WYBG) survey by TalkTalk Business has found that many companies still need some convincing to make the move towards hosted solutions.

The poll found that 54 per cent of firms are still avoiding the cloud, with 84 per cent of these having no immediate plans to invest, even though spending can come under operational expenditure, rather than the capital spend and you can pick which elements you want.

This suggests that businesses could benefit from greater education about cloud-based options in order to dispel fears about security and confusion over data ownership, whilst realising that over-reliance on legacy technologies could lead to a loss in productivity.

The survey also discovered that there's a relatively slow uptake on the 'bring your own technology' trend, with security concerns likely to be an issue again. These need to be overcome, as the trend's not going away and companies that don't pick up on it could be left behind.

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