6 reasons to add G.fast to your connectivity portfolio

6 reasons to add G.fast to your connectivity portfolio

Simon Leather, Head of Product Development

Simon Leather, Head of Product Development

6 reasons to add G.fast to your connectivity portfolio

G.fast is an affordable service with Ultrafast speeds and it’s available to TalkTalk Business Partners now. Let’s explore why G.fast could be the perfect addition to your connectivity portfolio.

Fibre optic cables

Ultrafast speeds

Tired of waiting for Fibre to the Premise (FTTP) to become available in your area? You can get the Ultrafast speeds your customers crave with our G.fast service which provides speeds of up to 300Mbps. That’s fast enough for all your customer’s needs, including downloading large files, making VoIP calls, uploading videos and more.

Whilst G.fast, like Fibre to The Cabinet (FTTC), is powered by fibre optic cables from the street cabinet to the exchange, both products utilise copper from the premise to the street cabinet which causes speed to degrade as the length of the copper line increases. G.fast uses new technology to enable Ultrafast speeds only for users on short copper lines, of less that 300m, meaning that an Ultrafast service is always achieved.

The minimum speed estimate that will allow you to provision a TalkTalk FTTC circuit is 5Mbps. The minimum speed estimate that you can provision a line against on G.fast is 120Mbps, which means that G.fast should always outperform even than the fastest FTTC line.

Suits a variety of business or residential uses

Fast and reliable connectivity is the lifeblood of any business. G.fast suits a variety of businesses who are looking for Ultrafast connectivity but can’t justify an EAD circuit and FTTP isn’t available in their area. It’s ideal for retail businesses who want to be able to offer their customers Wi-Fi hotspots and a fast in-store browsing experience. Or branches of offices who need to upload and download large files and make crystal clear VoIP calls. Alternatively, G.fast can equally be used to satisfy the most bandwidth-hungry households.

Get Ultrafast speeds without waiting for FTTP

Whilst Openreach have scaled down their aspirations to deliver G.fast across the UK from their original target of 10m premises to a new target of 2.7m premises, which will all be live by the end of this financial year, G.fast still has a significant part to play in Ultrafast connectivity.

The government has pledged to cover the UK in full fibre by 2033 but many of the areas that have been enabled for G.fast are likely to be areas that get access to Openreach FTTP towards the end of the Openreach rollout in many years’ time. G.fast will be the only viable Ultrafast product available to many of these premises for the foreseeable future.

Reliable connection

FTTC has been shown to be more stable than traditional, all-copper ADSL circuits. Users on an FTTC circuit have a lower Propensity to Call, lower fault rates, higher Customer Satisfaction and, ultimately, a lower cost to serve. However, speed can still be an issue. As G.fast is only designed for use with the shortest, best performing lines, speed issues become a thing of the past.

The traffic of all TalkTalk Business G.fast users has business-grade prioritisation. This means that it is prioritised over the usage of over 3m TalkTalk Consumer users. So, in the unlikely event of network congestion, the TalkTalk Business G.fast lines should be impacted less.

Over the last few years we’ve invested over £40 million in our network and our Partners benefit from the network innovation that improves connectivity performance, manages network demand and protects their customers with resiliency.

A plethora of Partner options available to consume now


  • If you are a Wholesale Partner of TalkTalk Business, taking a Layer 2 service, then you can consume G.fast now using your existing NNI Interconnects. Alternatively, you can install new Interconnects for use with G.fast. Traffic routing options are completely flexible.

  • If you are a Managed Partner, taking a Layer 3 service, then these products are also available for consumption now.

  • If you wish to order G.fast over a TalkTalk Business MPF line, or if you’d prefer to order using WLR as the copper bearer, both options are available today. You can decide how you want to order the service.

  • All product variants are available using TalkTalk APIs for Availability Checking, engineer appointing, Order Provisioning, In-life Management and Assurance. If you prefer to use the TalkTalk portal for managing your assets, then all functionality is also available via the TalkTalk Portal.

Compelling commercials

The TalkTalk Business G.fast product has been priced to be extremely competitive in the market and offers a low-cost entry point into Ultrafast products.

We will contribute towards your connection fees and even contribute towards the cost of the Openreach G.fast modem. Plus, we’re running a fantastic promotion to fully cover your installation and modem costs for any orders provisioned before March 2020.

Whether you take a Wholesale Layer 2, or a Managed Layer 3 G.fast service, TalkTalk Business will never bill you for bandwidth usage. All pricing is inclusive of usage which means that your costs are fixed. You won’t be penalised if your customers enjoy the increased bandwidth utilisation that these Ultrafast products can offer. This de-risks the product for our Partners and makes it simple to create compelling commercial offerings for your own customers.

Want to learn more about G.fast? Join our upcoming product webinar to find out if G.fast is right for your customers. Speak to your Account Manager to register.