7 reasons you don’t want to miss our Partner Roadshow

7 reasons you don’t want to miss our Partner Roadshow

Richard Thompson, Director of Partners

Richard Thompson, Director of Partners

We’re going on the road for our annual Partner Roadshow. If you’re an existing TalkTalk Business Partner, you don’t want to miss what we’ve got in store for you.

Watch the Partner Roadshow 2019 highlights video.

Some say that technology is the fourth industrial revolution. Technology and connectivity are transforming the way businesses operate. That’s why we’re hosting the Roadshows at two venues known for innovation; The Science Museum in London and the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester. Register your interest here.

Here are 7 reasons to visit the Partner Roadshow 2020:

1. Discover our FTTP roadmap

We’ve launched FTTP with a handful of Partners and we can’t wait to onboard even more. Come to the Roadshow to hear about TalkTalk Business’ FTTP offering and how we’re helping our Partners deliver it to their customers.

2. Learn how we’re futureproofing our network

We invest millions into our network every year to makes sure it remains one of the best. As bandwidth demands continue to soar and new technology like FTTP becomes readily available, we’re preparing for the future. We’ll tell you more about the innovative technology we’re implementing at the Roadshow.

3. Upskill yourself: how to write a winning bid

Do you struggle to write compelling bids? Bids are important for many businesses but creating a watertight bid is a challenge. Especially if you’re a small business without a dedicated bid team. You can join our workshop to learn how to write winning bids. Richard Tobias Director of Impart, will lead the workshop. Impart is a consultancy that specialises in helping businesses win competitive tenders.

4. Update on our mission to become easy to do business with

We are fully focused on improving the way we work with our Partners. We’ve listened to your feedback and have invested in the way we work across operations, service, provisioning, billing and assurance. We’re looking forward to guiding you through the changes we’ve made and what you can expect from us.

5. Feel confident about 2025

Are you ready for the WLR 2025 switch off? With 5 years to go there is a lot of work to be done to ensure every line is migrated onto the right products. We’re taking a deeper dive into how we're delivering FTTP srvices. We’ll highlight the key things you need to be aware of and the deadlines you need to act by to prepare for the switch off. 

6. Strengthen your FTTP go to market strategy

We’ll take you through the 4 key sales and marketing takeaways we learnt during our FTTP trial in York to help you maximise your go to market strategy in our full fibre go to market workshop.

7. Great networking opportunities

With plenty of networking breaks throughout the day, you can catch up with your Account Manager or meet people from the TalkTalk Business team. Plus, look out for new product demo stands.

We’d love to see you at one of our Roadshow events. Register your interest here.