Key takeaways from the Connectivity Matters Summit

Key takeaways from the Connectivity Matters Summit

Richard Thompson, Director of Partners

Richard Thompson, Director of Partners

Last month we invited over 100 of our Carrier and Partner customers to the Ministry of Sound for the Connectivity Matters Summit. The aim wasn’t to go clubbing, but to champion connectivity and emphasise why it matters to every one of us. 

There were so many brilliant takeaways from the day, and we’ll be sharing more of the content with you over the next coming months.

Here are my key takeaways from the Connectivity Matters Summit:

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We are a disruptor

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From our market-leading propositions, to our Partner events, it’s clear that we like to do things differently. Instead of settling for a typical hotel suite or conference room, the TalkTalk Business team chose the Ministry of Sound – a vibrant venue that reflected our disruptive personality.

TalkTalk’s Chairman, Sir Charles Dunstone, echoed our disruptive nature by sharing the story of how he built Carphone Warehouse by offering consumers affordable and reliable connectivity at a time when there was very little choice in the market.

“We like to be the alternative, the rebel that shocks people, and we still uphold the ideology of Carphone Warehouse in giving people choice, value and transparency,” Charles stated.  This is very much still at the heart of how we do business today as we continue to deliver excellent value for our customers. 

The future is fibre

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Britain’s infrastructure is woefully behind in the race for fibre, with only five or six percent coverage, while rival economies enjoy coverage of around 80 per cent. Fibre will accelerate the UK connectivity market and be transformational for both business customers and consumers. There is no question about whether the UK needs fibre, but more how can we make it a reality. The success of full fibre rests on the shoulders of the UK’s connectivity providers, who must work together to form meaningful partnerships.

What happens when you put four leading connectivity providers in a room together and ask them about the future of fibre? That’s exactly what we did, and the results were lively to say the least. Lead by TalkTalk Business’ Fibre for Everyone Director, Guy Miller, the panel gave us food for thought and was one of the highlights of the day. 

Robotics and AI use is growing

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In a session focused on robotics and AI, we asked the audience which technologies they have implemented in their business. 72% of the audience said that they had implemented robotic process automation (RPA) in their business, while 56% were using chatbots. However, less than a quarter of the audience had implemented Cognitive reasoning, Optical character Recognition or Natural language Processing. This demonstrates that businesses are utilising AI and robotics technology more regularly to speed up processes, yet there is still work to do done before these technologies are commonplace.

Over the last three years, TalkTalk Business has used robotics to drive improvements in customer experience and operational efficiency by managing volume and non-critical workloads and increasing real-time order and supplier updates. Automation has saved over 40,000 work hours per year and is on track to break £1 million in savings.

We have a switched-on audience

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There’s one thing for sure, our Partners are passionate about connectivity and curious to learn how they can keep utilising it to drive their businesses. Throughout the day we asked the audience to submit questions via the event app during sessions. According to the app moderator, it was one of the highest number of questions asked during an event they had worked on. The majority of the questions were asked during the ‘New connectivity landscape’ panel with Openreach, FibreNation, G.Network and Gigaclear, which is understandable considering the challenges of the fibre rollout.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Connectivity Matters Summit and to all those who took the time to present and speak on the day. It was an event to remember and we hope to turn it into an annual event.