EoFTTC. It is so much more than FTTC!

EoFTTC. It is so much more than FTTC!

Simon Leather, Head of Connectivity Products

Simon Leather, Head of Connectivity Products

In terms of speed and resilience, TalkTalk Business’ data products are often ranked with Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) at the lower end, then progressing to Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet (EoFTTC), Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) and then finally Ethernet (EAD) as the highest performance and most resilient connection.

We need to talk about EoFTTC.  Nestled between FTTC and EFM it seems to be ’that’ product, the one that is always last to be picked for the team – FTTC is lean and low cost, EFM is a safe pair of hands and you just know EAD will deliver and some. We have all been there, right?!

Is there a place for EoFTTC when these three products deliver what we need? Absolutely!

Isn’t EoFTTC just an expensive version of FTTC?  Absolutely not!

The TalkTalk Business data product portfolio is comprised of broadband and Ethernet - within broadband we have ADSL and FTTC and within Ethernet we have EoFTTC, EFM and EAD. 

The Ethernet portfolio is classed as higher end due to the service characteristics that are inherent with the delivery.  So what does the Eo in FTTC get you above and beyond the broadband variant of FTTC: 

Network Prioritisation 
  • Ethernet delivery ensures all data traffic has Ethernet prioritisation – higher than broadband/FTTC products
Bandwidth guarantee
  • Up to 20Mb symmetrical
  • Burst capability of up to 80Mb downstream at no additional cost
  • We give a guaranteed speed at the point of order – if we don’t meet that you can cancel an no cost
Market Leading Break Fix SLA
  • 6 Hours for Wholesale E-Access
  • 7 hours for Managed DIA  and MPLS IPVPN

What you are essentially getting are the same service characteristics as EAD but at a price more comparable to FTTC. These characteristics allow you to do so much more than deliver a simple data connection to your customer.

Only TalkTalk Business and BT Wholesale provide a wholesale variant of this product.  The main difference is that we allow burst capability beyond 20Mb downstream for no extra charge.  BT Wholesale do charge for this.  For example, upping the bandwidth to 30Mb would result in a c90% increase in annual bandwidth charges. That’s quite a leap.

The reason these additional service characteristics and incredibly competitively priced bandwidth are important is they make EoFTTC the killer product to deliver services such as SIP, Cloud Connectivity and Hosted Voice.

If we take SIP as one example, SIP with EoFTTC is the perfect replacement for ISDN30.  We know ISDN30 will be end of life by 2025, the ISDN30 replacement market is a genuinely new market and SIP with EoFTTC is the perfect opportunity to dominate.   Technically it delivers and at approximately a fifth of the cost.  

Let’s review the question posed at the start again - Isn’t EoFTTC just an expensive version of FTTC? 

The answer is now an emphatic absolutely not.


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