Everything you need to know about G.fast

Everything you need to know about G.fast

Everything you need to know about G.fast

So, what is G.fast? In simple terms, G.fast is the fastest copper-based broadband service that is currently available. Basically, it’s an improved version of Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC). This means that the end user can achieve speeds up to four times faster than traditional FTTC broadband. Previously the only way to get faster broadband speeds was to install a Fibre to the Premise (FTTP) connection but that isn’t available in all areas yet, so this is where G.fast can help.

While a typical FTTP Ultrafast connection requires a fair amount of additional infrastructure to be put in place, G.fast will use much of the existing infrastructure, which should mean an easier and faster rollout. You’ll still be sending and receiving data over copper wires, but the technology enables that data to travel much more quickly, and that means Ultrafast speeds will be available to many more premises.

Sounds great so far, right? Well, it’s about to get better. Below we’ve put together a list of even more benefits and everything you need to know about G.fast…

Ideal for most businesses

Fast and reliable connectivity is essential for any and every business. For example, G.fast is a great solution for retail businesses who want to be able to offer their customers Wi-Fi hotspots and a fast in-store browsing experience. Also, branches of offices who need to upload and download large files and make crystal clear VoIP calls. Alternatively, G.fast can equally be used to satisfy the most bandwidth-hungry households.Now, more than ever, UK homes and businesses are relying on broadband connections as enablers for our digital lifestyles and work, and we see this dependence increasing for the foreseeable future. G.fast suits a variety of businesses who are looking for Ultrafast connectivity, but can’t justify an EAD circuit and/or FTTP isn’t available in their area just yet.

Confidence in your connection

G.fast is fibre optic delivery to the cabinet, which means Ultrafast speeds over short copper lines.  FTTC promises high speeds, and is faster than the conventional ADSL connection, because of the fibre optic delivery. As G.fast is only designed for use with the shortest, best performing lines, speed issues become a thing of the past.
Over the last few years we’ve invested over £40 million in our network and our Partners benefit from the network innovation that improves connectivity performance, manages network demand and protects their customers with resiliency.

Get it in no time

G.fast can cut out lengthy setup times. It is a quicker install than EAD and some FTTP locations and is the same time as ADSL and FTTC. It uses the Openreach infrastructure and existing copper wire, additional installation works are not required, meaning you can become part of the network as soon as it’s available in your area.

Get Ultrafast speeds

You can get the Ultrafast speeds your customers crave with our G.fast service, which provides speeds of up to 300Mbps. That’s fast enough for all your customer’s needs, including downloading large files, making VoIP calls, uploading videos and more. G.fast uses new technology to enable Ultrafast speeds only for users on short copper lines, of less that 300m, meaning that an Ultrafast service is always achieved. If your customers are looking to improve both download and uploadspeeds, whilst maintaining low overheads, G.fast broadband is a perfect option. Take advantage of existing copper lines to get Ultrafast download speeds, enabling more devices to use the network without suffering from congestion and slow speeds.

The government has pledged to cover the UK in full fibre by 2033 but many of the areas that have been enabled for G.fast are likely to be areas that get access to Openreach FTTP towards the end of the Openreach rollout in many years’ time. G.fast will be the only viable Ultrafast product available to many of these premises for the foreseeable future.

TalkTalk Business are committed to you

TalkTalk Business is committed to a Fibre-first strategy to bring simple, affordable and reliable Ultrafast services to Partners. G.fast (and SOGfast) services will remain an important option to reach ‘difficult’ premises with Ultrafast services even in an FTTP-led build strategy. We offer variants on both WLR or MPF copper lines to cover all Partner requirements.


G.fast is available now, providing an easy-to-consume Ultrafast service for Partners and end-users. For more information, speak to your Account Manager.