Help your customers win more this Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Help your customers win more this Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Simon Leather, Head of Connectivity Portfolio

Simon Leather, Head of Connectivity Portfolio

Tips to accelerate your customers’ growth over the festive period

In the run up to the festive period, your customers should be thinking about their connectivity. Is their network capable of handling the surge of seasonal traffic? Is their connection truly resilient?

It’s predicted that UK consumers will spend nearly £5 billion this Black Friday, with almost half expected to be spent online, research from Salmon, a Wunderman Commerce company, revealed. By discussing connectivity with your customers ahead of this lucrative period, you can ensure they don't face an embarrassing loss of service. Even the biggest companies can have their systems fail because of poor preparation.

Here our top tips for getting your customers’ business ready for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the festive period:

Reassess Internet options 

With more customers, both online and in store, your customers need to ensure they have the right amount of bandwidth to handle an influx of shoppers. Remind them that what works on their average day might not withstand the festive season. If they’ve looking for connectivity with faster speeds and increased reliability, you may want to point them to a dedicated Internet option.  

Are they VoIP ready?

Whether their business is based primarily in store or online, your customers are likely to receive more calls as people look for customer support, opening hours, or even to place orders. If they’re using IP Voice telephony already, they’ll be able to add new lines in a matter of hours, scaling up their capacity right up to the day of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Payment processing

Your customers need to be able to process all the payments made during the peak trading days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. By having the right systems in place and using network monitoring tools to prioritise mission critical traffic, they can avoid the worst-case scenario of having to turn their customers away.

Expect the unexpected

Finally, your customers need to ensure that they plan for the unexpected. Having the right tools available is important, but so too is having connectivity flexible and reliable enough to handle expected bumps in the road during the festive season.

The Black Friday weekend and festive season presents huge opportunities for your customers, but there are also a huge number of potential pitfalls. Having the right connectivity in place ensures that businesses of any size have a Black Friday sale that drives purchases and creates happy and loyal customers.

Want some advice on connectivity options for your customers? Speak to your Account Manager or contact us  directly.