How our network investment helps your customers' journey to digital transformation

How our network investment helps your customers' journey to digital transformation

Duncan Gooding, Chief Operating Officer

Duncan Gooding, Chief Operating Officer

What does digital evolution look like for your customers? It's undoubtedly something that all companies need to invest in if they want to keep up in today's data-focused world, but every enterprise will have its own demands and expectations when it comes to building a digital business.

Digital transformation is driving growth in connectivity 

For some, it could mean shifting key operations from old, on-premises solutions to flexible, cost-effective cloud computing platforms. For others, it may involve high-definition videoconferencing and fast file-sharing to support collaboration between employees situated around the country. Or perhaps augmented reality and robotics are top of the business agenda. There's no one answer to digital transformation, but all routes are certain to consume more bandwidth, require greater reliability and crave faster connectivity.

This demand for information is higher than ever, placing more pressure on networks. In real-world figures, TalkTalk processes nearly 52 billion web lookup requests on our network every day - and this is only going to increase as more devices come online.

TalkTalk’s market-leading new virtualised DNS 

One way that we are ensuring TalkTalk Business’ network performs as efficiently as possible in this demanding environment is by investing in our domain name system (DNS). Speeding up this process means web pages can be delivered to users faster, greatly improving the overall browsing experience. That's why we recently invested in a better way of doing this with a DNS solution that uses virtualised software at the edge of the network - a first for our partners at Juniper.

Today this means that we're using more than 60 sites around the country in our network, so there'll always be a local DNS lookup and traffic never has to travel all across the UK.

TalkTalk Business customers access websites significantly faster

The result? You and your customers can get responses up to twice as fast as before. That's why the SamKnows industry benchmark places us as the number one provider in the country for fibre broadband response times.

Add in to this other features such as load balancing, which ensures businesses get the best performance even at peak times, and heightened DNS protection that secures the user's service from common threats, and your customers won't just have a smoother experience, but a smarter and more reliable one.

At a time when demand for bandwidth is growing at such a fast pace, having a strong network provider underpinning your operations will be essential. With the right capabilities at the backbone of your operations, you'll be well-placed to make your customer's digital transformation a success.


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