Sustainability Through Fibre

Sustainability Through Fibre

Sustainability Through Fibre

We all know what will happen if we don’t reduce our climate impact. Worse weather, less ice, more water and higher sea levels. Climate change has quickly become one of the greatest challenges for this generation and we want to do our part.

So, what are we doing to reduce the impact of our operation, products and services, and how can you join us in our efforts? Keep reading to find out!


Reducing our Carbon Footprint

When you’re one of the leading internet service providers in the country, employing over 2,000 staff, making significant changes is a massive undertaking. That’s why we’re looking at the entire lifecycle of our products – from the manufacture, packaging and transportation of our hardware, all the way to how those devices are disposed of at the end of their life.


Our materials

The way we make our devices can have a huge impact on the environment. For example, a single router contains the same amount of plastic as 50 plastic shopping bags.

The more we can recycle, the better. To take the router example again, making a new one is 18 times more carbon intensive than refurbishing an existing one.

As a business, we’re determined to embrace circularity. That means cutting waste from production processes, using more recycled materials, and creating devices that can easily be refurbished or recycled.


Our services

Of course, another significant factor is the energy used to operate our services and keep the country online!

According to Boston Consulting Group’s “Putting Sustainability at the Top of the Telco Agenda” Report, the ICT industry accounts for 3 to 4% of global CO2 emissions1 – twice that of civil aviation.

Thankfully, we’ve been looking at our operation for quite a while, and started our decarbonisation efforts back in 2019.

  • In FY18 our activities created 21,727 tonnes of direct emissions*
  • In FY22, our activities created 3,107 tonnes of direct emissions*
  • That’s an 85% reduction in absolute emissions in just five years – that’s the equivalent of taking over 3,500 cars off the road!


We’ve also committed to having our progress validated by the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi). Working together, we’ll create carbon emission reduction targets for the coming decade. These will be real and concrete targets against which our progress can be measured.


“At TalkTalk, we want to be mindful about the impact of our connectivity on the environment and harness its potential to solve some of the greatest climate challenges the UK faces.”

Will Ennett, Head of Sustainability, TalkTalk


*Scope 1 & Scope 2 emissions