TalkTalk Business support Korubu in transforming their hospitality client's connectivity

TalkTalk Business support Korubu in transforming their hospitality client's connectivity

Case study

TalkTalk Business’ excellent commercials and reliable connectivity has allowed us to create a flexible and compelling solution for our customers. By using TalkTalk Business' Ethernet products, we have dramatically reduced our support team’s workload, allowing us to expand our customer base without increasing our back office department. We are confident that this strong Partnership will help us win more opportunities and ensure further success in our joint future together.
Chris Xavier, CEO, Korubu

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Established in 2016, Korubu specialise in providing IT infrastructure, energy technology and software for over 150 hospitality venues in the North West. Korubu aim to build strong, loyal customer relationships while reducing operating costs and staying compliant with ever-changing industry regulations.

With extensive experience working with hospitality brands, Korubu is familiar with which IT solutions work best for both busy, large venues, and smaller, independent venues. In addition to IT solutions for hospitality, the company also specialise in smart energy technology and have created their own intuitive guest Wi-Fi software for engagement and remarketing. Korubu chose TalkTalk Business as a Partner because they wanted robust and reliable fixed connectivity to facilitate their customers’ dynamic business needs.

Transforming Almost Famous, Korubu's hospitality client

Korubu Almost Famous case study

Almost Famous is an award-winning burger restaurant, which has expanded from humble beginnings in Manchester’s Northern Quarter to a larger site in Manchester’s Great Northern Warehouse in 2013, with Liverpool and Leeds opening in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

The challenge

  • Almost Famous had standard DSL circuits and FTTC in sites. Trading out of city centre locations, in high density business areas, with contended connectivity meant that during peak periods available bandwidth was not fit for purpose and was having a direct impact on operations.
  • As the business had grown, calls between venues needed to be streamlined so the staff could easily contact various departments quickly and easily.

  • They required a stronger SLA from the Internet Service Provider to ensure if a problem did occur, fixing the issue was a priority.
  • Guest Wi-Fi wasn’t fast enough for a great Wi-Fi experience for its customers when using a contended connectivity solution.
  • Needed to reduce card payment terminal downtime and make transaction speeds as fast as possible.

The solution

  • TalkTalk Business’s Ethernet connectivity, including EoFTTC and EFM, was installed across the estate to support critical services like merchant services, EPOS and booking systems. As well as providing the connectivity for fast and reliable guest Wi-Fi.

  • Mitel Hosted phone system deployment allowing call’s between departments in all sites and head office minimising unanswered calls though intelligent call flows. This was facilitated by TalkTalk Business’ connectivity.
  • Network infrastructure upgrade and supplementary access points installed to improve Korubu’s guest Wi-Fi coverage across the venues. They also installed Korubu’s guest WiFi software across the venues.

  • Industry leading SLA from TalkTalk Business.

The results

  • Quality of service – by utilising Ethernet circuits across the estate’s phone system they ensured crystal clear calls.
  • Korubu’s guest Wi-Fi software for remarketing helped Almost Famous utilise their high traffic footfall to remarket to customers and drive more business.

  • In conjunction with TalkTalk Business, Mitel’s personalised call management options reduce missed calls.

  • Card payments, EPOS and booking systems run faster, with minimal downtime thanks to TalkTalk Business’s connectivity.