‘Fix Britain’s Internet’ campaign gives businesses a voice on the future of Britain’s broadband

‘Fix Britain’s Internet’ campaign gives businesses a voice on the future of Britain’s broadband

Following the announcement of Ofcom’s public consultation on the future of the UK’s broadband network, TalkTalk has joined forces with Vodafone, Sky and the Federation of Communication Services to launch a nationwide campaign to encourage businesses to take a stand on the future of UK connectivity.

We know all too well that British businesses are often let down by the current system, left waiting for weeks, months, and in some cases years, to access high-speed, reliable connectivity that is critical to the success of businesses like yours.

Even Ofcom itself has acknowledged that BT’s current management of Openreach is unacceptable, with delayed installations and under-investment in the network holding up new business growth and stifling the speed at which UK companies can operate against the rest of the world. Many others agree, including leading consumer groups; the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee; a cross-party coalition of over 100 MPs and even the Government itself. Now there is an opportunity to make your voice heard by calling on Ofcom to take the radical action needed to bring about real change.

We know that these are issues which many of our Partners know only too well. As Saeed Sheikh, Account Management Director at XLN notes, “Openreach has continuously failed to meet ours and our customers’ expectations thanks to its appalling service levels. 10 working days to connect customers to the UK’s telecom network is just far too long – the business world moves much faster than that.”

After years of waiting for BT to up their game, Ofcom has finally opened up the question about the future of Britain's internet to public consultation. They recognise that change is needed, but it’s vital that they have the support of businesses in order to make the bold decision that will improve internet across the UK.

Dido Harding, CEO of TalkTalk said: “For too long, UK businesses have been let down by the nation’s broadband infrastructure, receiving poor speeds and even poorer service. How is the UK economy supposed to grow and compete with the rest of the world with one hand tied behind its back by failing broadband? Ofcom’s proposals simply don’t go far enough, and we know many people up and down the country feel the same way. This is a once-in-a-decade opportunity for you to tell the regulator directly you don’t want a halfway house for another decade, you want truly radical change now.”

What can you do to ‘Fix Britain’s Internet’

We will be in touch shortly with more information about the campaign so that you can help spread the word with your own customers, but in the meantime please visit www.fixbritainsinternet.co.uk – and if you would be interested in becoming a campaign member, get in touch withCoralie Frost in the campaign team.