Shadow VLAN

Shadow VLAN

Protect your customers' connectivity

Interconnect resilience from just £10 a month

How can Shadow VLANs protect my network?

Businesses demand reliable connectivity, which is why resiliency options are so important to them. But there may be a single point of failure that can ruin it all.

Watch this short video with Pete Tomlinson, our Commercial Director, and Ken Johnson, our Head of Product, in which they explain how a Shadow VLAN from just £10 per month may be able to double the resiliency of your customers’ connectivity. 


Give your customers reliable connectivity

Multiple circuits at the customer premises
Diverse ducts, exchanges and collector nodes
Rely on our resilient Core Network with 99.99% reliability
Interconnects protected with Shadow VLANs
Order VLANs in just 10 seconds with MyNet

Order VLANs in just 10 seconds with MyNet

Ordering Shadow VLANs couldn’t be easier for our Wholesale Partners. Simply tick the Shadow VLAN box when placing your next EAD, EFM or EoFTTC order in MyNet. It only takes a few seconds and the £10 cost of each Shadow VLAN is added to your quote. It’s that simple.


For more information contact your Account Manager or ring 0808 250 9887.