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Internet Access (EFM)

Internet Access (EFM)

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Dedicated bandwidth reserved for your customers’ use, provides consistent symmetric upload/download speeds of up to either 10 or 20 Mbps.

Great For

  • Multi-site Businesses

    Multi-site Businesses

  • Business Grade SLA

    Business Grade SLA

  • Consistent Symmetrical Speeds

    Consistent Symmetrical Speeds

  • Businesses with growing bandwidth requirements

    Businesses with growing bandwidth requirements


  • Your customers’ service will remain up should a component line fail

  • Simple proposition that’s easy to price compared to most competitors

  • Available from all TalkTalk Business Exchanges, offering more locations than any competitor

  • A lower cost product than Ethernet Access Direct and also a great alternative if Ethernet over Fibre is not available

  • Provides symmetric bandwidth

  • Available on 1 or 3 year contracts

  • A great option if high ECCs or complex wayleaves are needed for traditional fibre products

  • Great for internet and MPLS services but targeted at sites with lower bandwidth needs


Service Speed Delivery
2 Pair Up to 10Mbps Delivered over 2 copper pairs. If one pair fails, customers will still be connected but with less bandwidth.
4 Pair Up to 20Mbps Delivered over 4 copper pairs. If one, two or three pairs fail customers will still be connected but with less bandwidth.

What is Cloud Ready (EFM)?

Our Cloud Ready (EFM) solutions enable your customers to benefit from greater internet speeds without having to commit to the costs associated with full fibre Ethernet. A strong upsell for customers on leased-line, SDSL, broadband or low-end Ethernet. Our EFM is ideal for a wide range of businesses, including those that require a faster connection for critical applications and those looking for greater bandwidth without moving to full-blown Ethernet.

Choose from 2 Pair or 4 Pair services. Our 2 Pair solution offers speeds of up to 10Mbps, while our 4 Pair option provides speeds of up to 20Mbps. Whichever service you go for, you will benefit from a straightforward pricing structure that makes financial planning simple. In addition, we don’t impose distance or usage charges, and we can provide low-cost EFM to more locations than our competitors.

Our EFM solutions are delivered using multiple copper telephone lines. This means they are highly resilient. Even if a component line fails, your customers’ services will remain operational.

To discover more about the EFM solutions we offer to our Partners, and to get EFM prices, check out the details provided below or contact one of our UK-based business specialists.

EFM & Ethernet pricing tool

EFM & Ethernet pricing tool

Calculate the price of EFM & Ethernet connections for single or multiple postcodes.

Access pricing tool

The Details


We understand that your customers need to be online for their customers and employees. We’re here to ensure they’re always connected with our 24/7 UK based business experts.


We offer an enhanced 7 hour fast fix service.


Available as  a symmetric service up to 10Mbps or 20Mbps depending on length, quality and number of copper lines used.


We have a simple, two-point pricing structure making financial planning easy. Couple this with no distance or usage charges and great availability on one of the largest EFM networks in the UK and we can offer low cost EFM to more locations than other providers.


EFM has a degree of inherent resilience but if your customers require greater uptime, we can also offer secondary circuits.


Ethernet in the First Mile is available on 1 or 3 year contracts.

Lead Times

Installation is up to either 45 or 90 days depending on circumstances.

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Invested in our future-proof network


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