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Internet Access (EoFTTC)

Internet Access (EoFTTC)

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An entry level Ethernet service, offering faster speeds than Broadband, SDSL and Leased Lines.

Great For

  • Multi-site Businesses

    Multi-site Businesses

  • Business Grade SLA

    Business Grade SLA

  • Great UK Coverage

    Great UK Coverage

  • Lowest price Ethernet connectivity

    Lowest price Ethernet connectivity


  • Great low cost Ethernet option

  • Ideal for internet and MPLS services

  • A good choice if high ECCs or complex wayleaves are an issue for alternative Fibre products

  • Bandwidth is reserved especially for your customer’s individual connection meaning consistent symmetric speeds of up to 20Mbps, and downstream can reach 76Mbps

  • Typically faster installation than some other Ethernet products

  • 24/7 UK based support team and great fix time SLA of 7 hours

  • Available on 1 or 3 year contracts

What is EoFTTC?

TalkTalk Business has relaunched our Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet (EoFTTC) service with improved features, now available to our Partners.

EoFTTC has a guaranteed speed which ensures a consistently high standard of service. It has a 7 Hour Fix Time SLA and 24/7 support, giving their Partners peace of mind that if their customer’s connectivity does go down, it will be restored quickly.

Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet is provided by copper from the premise over the short distance to the green cabinets in the street. Unlike standard broadband where the copper then continues all the way to the exchange, ‘Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet’ traffic travels across a shared fibre optic circuit to the exchange. As a result, the extra distance doesn’t lead to ongoing degradation of performance, this allows access to up to 20Mbps symmetrical speed with the additional boost downstream making a total of 76Mbps downstream bandwidth.

This provides an Ethernet type service, without the expense, whilst offering great UK wide coverage that’s more often available in residential areas.Ethernet over Fibre is ideal for both internet and MPLS services. It provides speedy transfers of large data files, and runs simultaneous applications, like SIP, video conferencing and real-time business applications.

The Detail


We understand that your customers need to be online for their customers and employees. We’re here to ensure they’re always connected with our 24x7 UK based business experts.


We offer an enhanced 7 hour fast fix service.


Available as a symmetric or bursting data service.

Although offered as a 20Mbps upstream and downstream service, the downstream bandwidth is capable of bursting up to 76Mbps. We don’t cap at 20Mbps downstream so if you can achieve more on your connection then use it free of charge! Scale your bandwidth as you need it.


If your customers require greater uptime, we can also offer additional secondary circuits and security solutions as well as assistance in getting the connection optimised for your customers’ needs. This is provided as data only service.

Service Type

Supports both internet and MPLS IPVPN.


Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet  is available on 1 or 3 year contracts.

Lead Times

Lead times from order to activation are estimated at 30 working days.

Interested in EoFTTC?

If you're an exisiting Partner, please contact your Account Manager to discuss onboarding for EoFTTC today.

If you're not already a TalkTalk Business Partner, you can sign up to become one here

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