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Cloud-ready Private Network

Cloud-ready Private Network

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Connect your UK sites together on a single, secure network.

Great For

  • Multi-site Businesses

    Multi-site Businesses

  • Great UK Coverage

    Great UK Coverage

  • Range of Product Options

    Range of Product Options

  • Business Grade SLA

    Business Grade SLA

What is a Private Network?

Using a choice of access technologies, our Cloud Ready Private Network connects numerous business sites to create a private, highly secure network. It’s both flexible in the product options and scalable, making sure it can adapt to any of your customers’ business changes. All services offer great resilience, either with an additional line, or a different product set, such as mobile backup, depending on what the specific business needs are.

You can also identify data and mark it as a priority between sites, ensuring your customer’s critical software and service traffic is always given priority. The Cloud Ready Private Network can also be integrated into TalkTalk Business’ Data Centre, taking the hassle and costs of managing a server infrastructure off your customers’ hands.

In addition, your customers can also choose a variety of extra options including services like a managed router or firewall with industry renowned brands such as Cisco and Dell SonicWALL. We offer additional value-add services that range from configurable Implementation and In-Life Services such as Project Management and Enhanced Monitoring, to provide your customers with key statistics and performance metrics for their Business critical site.

There are also optional Product Boosts for your Customers to choose from, ranging from low latency Private Cloud Connect, Mobile Back-up, Business WiFi ,SIP, and Hosted Voice.


  • Cloud Ready multi-service secure connectivity.

  • Secure, resilient and reliable site connectivity.

  • Optional dual network resilience.

  • Market Leading ordering portals and API.

  • Offer your Customers a variety of Product Boosts.

  • 24/7 access to our UK based support team.

  • Data traffic prioritisation for consistent services.

  • UK and International access technologies.

  • Great value innovative Solutions, tailored to your customers’ needs.

  • Highly skilled Technical Design and Account Management teams.

  • We will Manage the Network so you can focus on adding value to your Customers in other areas.

  • Configurable Service Wrap to meet your Customers’ Business needs.

The Details

Connectivity choices

Connectivity Choices

A Private Network (MPLS) can be delivered over the following connectivity options, depending on your customers’ requirements:

  • Broadband
  • Ethernet over Fibre


    Ethernet in the First Mile
  • Ethernet Access Direct

  • Other (International, Internet breakout etc.)


The following SLA's apply:

  • Broadband
    • Standard care - 3 day fix
    • Enhanced care - Next day fix
  • Ethernet over Fibre (EoFTTC) - 7 hour fix
  • Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) - 7 hour fix
  • Ethernet Access Direct (EAD) - 4 hour fix

Managed routers and firewalls come with a 4 hour fix once we identify the fault is with the equipment not the connectivity.


  • Our Private Network solutions offer a comprehensive choice of connectivity and resilience options, including QoS. Flexible bandwidth is delivered through a choice of accesses including Ethernet, EFM, EoFTTC.

24/7 UK Support

  • When you take Cloud Ready Private Network we can provide the level of support that’s right for you.
  • Allour business-grade Private Network products include access to the fault-management team.
  • You and your customers have access to a 600 strong UK based support team, offering specialist technical support.

An affordable solution

  • Our MPLS IPVPN Private Network enables you to connect individual sites. We have access products at over 3,000+ points of presence across the UK.
  • Thanks to economies of scale across our Next Generation Network, we can pass the savings on to you.

Network solutions that save

  • Network consolidation and design optimisation are the best ways to help your customers keep their expenses down.
  • Our feature-rich products and services enable you to optimise their networks and lower bandwidth costs, reducing their total cost of ownership by consolidating voice and data.

Network monitoring

  • Our free monitoring tool makes it easy to manage your customer accounts. View their usage and potential bandwidth inefficiencies to resolve issues quickly and deliver on SLAs.
  • Your Customers can choose Enhanced Monitoring to give them even greater visibility for their Business critical sites.

Hardware & Upgrading


  • Providing a smooth customer transition on to our Next Generation Network is simple due to our installation support.
  • With extensive transitioning experience our dedicated team can deliver pre-sales support, technical consultancy and onsite installation.


  • We can also provide a managed service including all hardware and failure replacements within 4 hours. This helps to reduce your risks and overheads, eliminating the need for in-house skills and resource.

Product Boosts

Mobile Backup
Mobile Backup provides users with an additional 3rd party router, equipped with two roaming SIM cards. The router serves as a resiliency measure in the event of any loss in connectivity, by utilising it’s roaming IMs until the primary circuit issues are resolved.

  • Ensures business continuity and resilience for critical applications and systems such as PoS, stock management etc.
  • The dynamic SIMs constantly searches for the best network provider at each location, at any given time.
  • You can choose which applications to prioritise in the event of the loss of the fixed network

Private Cloud Connect
Private Cloud Connect allows for secure Cloud-ready Private Network breakout to third party Cloud Service Providers.

  • Ensures that business traffic is transmitted and received in a secure private environment that does not touch the public Internet.
  • All traffic is managed within a secure, high performance environment between our network and the cloud provider, meaning we can provide this solution with low latency.
  • Connectivity to major cloud services providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon web Services and IBM Softlayer.
  • Data can be stored securely in the cloud but access from anywhere, thus reducing local stored data requirements and allows for scalable solutions based on changing business needs.

Enhanced Monitoring 
Provides full proactive monitoring and management of network, infrastructure and applications including alerting and reporting.

  • In depth view of WAN & LAN devices to support fault diagnostics.
  • Detailed reporting and trend analysis including application usage, site availability and traffic flow.
  • Automated and configurable alarms for early visibility of outages or potential issues.

Business WiFi

Business WiFi provides a fully managed ‘business grade’ solution which is scalable, highly secured, allows for rich data collection and analysis and a ‘5- bar’ level of coverage across the premise.

  • A ‘5 bar’ connectivity service throughout the premises, providing excellent coverage for your external customers. WiFi traffic is also segregated from the rest of your business’ data to ensure any sensitive data remains secure and untouchable.
  • Encourages customers to make the most of the in-store WiFi capabilities, whilst capturing valuable customer data.
  • A flexible WiFi Solution which can be scaled accordingly to your needs, meaning that we can meet your business needs regardless of your size and requirements.

Routers and Firewalls

  • There is the option to choose a managed router or firewall with popular brands such as Cisco and Dell SonicWALL.

Our Next Gen Network


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Next Generation Network coverage

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