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World SIP

Specifically aimed at Partners who have customers requiring SIP in Europe or the USA.

Great For

  • Call Centres

    Call Centres

  • Low Cost Calls

    Low Cost Calls

  • Flexibility


  • Easy to Set-up

    Easy to Set-up


  • Low cost SIP channels

  • End-to-end support model

  • Business continuity

  • Select both new and ported numbers

  • Spend management tools

  • Future-proofed solution

  • Easy and immediate set-up

What is World SIP?

SIP Trunking provides voice connectivity between the end user’s IP-PBX and our network. This ensures inbound and outbound voice calls are routed using SIP rather than traditional ISDN or analogue lines. The many benefits include potential reduced costs, simplification of the network and added resilience, with the routing and SIP control being managed by our Next Generation Network. World SIP provides all the functionality of SIP Trunking for customers with a non UK presence across Europe and USA. 

It’s often positioned as a cost effective and highly functional replacement for ISDN services. As an IP service, it can scale quickly and flexibly from a single line to a large call centre accommodating hundreds of end users. The service deployment is simple and easy to administer, providing quick set-up times.  

Fully scalable World SIP will support a single channel through to 5,000 concurrent calls per 1,000 Mbps of available bandwidth. Allowing a business to grow and accommodate additional bandwidth for the number of concurrent calls that they anticipate.