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Internet Access (G.fast)

Internet Access (G.fast)

Ultrafast speeds of up to 300 Mbps

Great For

  • Fast connectivity

    Fast connectivity

  • Small and mid-sized businesses

    Small and mid-sized businesses

  • Easy to set-up

    Easy to set-up

  • Flexibility



  • Ultrafast speeds of up to 300 Mbps

  • Ideal for both residential use and for a variety of small and larger businesses.

  • Widely available in many areas, get the speeds your customers need without having to wait for FTTP.

  • Business-Grade traffic prioritisation

  • Flexible commercials

What is G.fast?

Provide your customers with ultrafast speeds with our G.fast service. G.fast offers speeds of up to 300Mbps which is fast enough to suit a range of business types or the most bandwidth-hungry households. On G.fast your customers will be able to easily download large files, make crystal clear VoIP calls and upload and stream videos without any problems. 

G.fast technology is like existing Fibre to The Cabinet (FTTC) services (40/80 Mbps) where fibre optic cables run to the street cabinet from the exchange and a copper telephone line connects the cabinet to the premise. G.fast is designed to be used on only the shortest copper lines (sub 300m) and, therefore, can supercharge the speed through the copper telephone lines to the premise, providing a much faster and more reliable connection for your customers.

The Detail


The minimum contract term for a G.fast lines is 12 months.


TalkTalk support Standard and Enhanced Care Levels (48hr and 24hr fix times accordingly).

Speed Variants

160/30Mbps or 330/50Mbps

Product Variants

We offer Wholesale (Layer 2) and Managed (Layer 3) G.Fast variants to cover all Partner types.

Installation Types

Managed Openreach Installation only at lunch. Self-install to follow later when it is fully supported by Openreach.

All-inclusive usage charges

We won’t charge you for bandwidth usage – ever!

Interested in G.fast?

If you are interested in taking G.Fast from TalkTalk Business then please contact your Account Manager. If you're not already a TalkTalk Business Partner, you can sign up to become one here.