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Wholesale Voice & Fibre (FTTC)

Wholesale Voice & Fibre (FTTC)

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FTTC will meet your customers’ need for high-speed connectivity at a competitive price.

Great For

  • Small and Mid-sized

    Small and Mid-sized

  • Fast Connectivity

    Fast Connectivity

  • Low Cost Calls

    Low Cost Calls

  • More Bandwidth

    More Bandwidth


  • An FTTC and Voice connection affords you a great revenue opportunities from the combination of line rental, broadband and call revenues

  • Both voice and data from a single supplier offers a cost effective solution

  • Offers your customers an upgrade from Broadband and improves churn while reducing your overall acquisition costs

  • A range of speeds of 76/20 and 38/10 and care level options enables you to deliver propositions to meet specific customer needs

  • Network Prioritisation product options ensure you can order a variant that suits your customer

  • We offer a choice of installation options. An Openreach engineer can either visit the customer premise or we can provide you with a ‘plug and play’ product, offering customers even more flexibility

  • We offer one of the UK’s largest fully fibre optic IP networks delivering the speeds and guaranteed bandwidth that businesses need

  • A range of feature rich APIs or portals allow you to provision and efficiently manage your services. Our tools ensure improved customer experience and reduce the cost of serving them


Package Title Bandwidth
Small 38/10 Up to 38 Mbps downstream and up to 10 Mbps upstream
Large 76/20 Up to 76 Mbps downstream and up to 20 Mbps upstream

What is Voice & Fibre?

Using our all-IP Next Generation Network, we can offer FTTC with service assured traffic to support your customers' business-critical applications. The line rental, FTTC and voice calls are all delivered in a single solution which allows you to maximise your revenue potential. It also gives the added benefit of having a single point of contact for all queries.

That coupled with the comprehensive suite of tools provided to support the service means you’re able to support your customer better, leading to a great customer experience.

The Details

Future-proof Your Customer

Easy upgrade from Broadband to FTTC allows your customers to increase their business with you.

The Power of Our Network

The reach of our Next Generation Network enables us to offer economies of scale which we pass on to you, so you can build a compelling commercial proposition.

Differentiate Your Propositions

Our product portfolio consists of different speeds, usage offerings, care levels and connection types. This allows you to customise and market a proposition that really focuses on your ideal target customer base.


Our fix times are in line with Openreach and we offer both standard and enhanced care options.


We offer a full suite of APIs and portals allowing you to provision, assure and manage your customers in-life. The extensive range of tools ensure your customers receive excellent first line support which results in faster resolution times and enhanced customer experience.