Working with TalkTalk Business

A refreshing approach to business

We’re geared towards providing you with a great range of innovative products, but we also offer an excellent support system to get you up and running so you can offer the best service to your customers, protecting your reputation and brand.

We have over 20 years of experience working with Partners and have developed a support structure that can help you on every level.

TalkTalk Business' capability, flexibility and complete transparency is by far the best we've experienced...

Head of Network Infastructure, ANS

Collaboration at every step

We'll work closely with you during your business planning stages to develop a collaborative way of working together. You can keep in touch with our helpful team across all levels, including Provisioning Coordinators, Fault Managers as well as our highly skilled Account Managers.

Easy on-boarding

Our dedicated On-Boarding team makes joining TalkTalk Business both quick and easy. They help build great relationships from day one and you'll be fully trained on how to access all the information and support you need to get going, so you can provide the best service to your customers.

Training and support as you need it

Whatever products and services you add to your portfolio, we'll give you all the training tools and marketing help you need to make the most of your new opportunities. Our three-tier account structure makes sure you have the commercial support as well as the operational and technical resources you need, all delivered by your dedicated Account Management team.

The TalkTalk Business Product Delivery Manager delivered an excellent training session and the after support has been truly fantastic...

Business Provisioning & WLR Manager, KCOM

In-life service management teams

Once you’re all set up, our teams will be ready to help you with everything from provisioning, voice and data repair and incident management to change and jeopardy management. We ensure that any issues or technical problems will be resolved quickly.

Impressive support level agreements

To ensure that you and your customers receive a service that delivers the support you need we have outstanding Service Level Agreements in place. As part of this, we provide exceptional fault management support in the following areas:

  • Next Generation Network
  • 3rd party interconnects or other TalkTalk Business equipment 
  • Other destinations including international
  • Managing the relationship with BT/Openreach

We'll cover provisioning, single line faults for voice and data, as well as network failures. The Service Level Agreement clock starts as soon as the trouble report is raised. This runs throughout the process, but will be paused during periods when TalkTalk Business is waiting for customer activity or a delay is caused by the end user.