Business Broadband & Fibre

Business Broadband & Fibre

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Business Internet Solutions

We understand the importance of fast, secure and reliable business internet in today’s 24/7 environment. Our business broadband and internet solutions are easy to use, powerful and cost-effective, with no compromise on quality.

Take your pick from our Simply and Complete broadband packages, which offer totally unlimited broadband, static IP addresses, free new line installation if needed and 7-day UK business support. They also feature our innovative our network level security solution WorkSafe®. This protects your workers and customers online and gives you added control over the websites they visit.

For super-powered business broadband with speeds of up to 76Mbps, you can sign up to our business fibre packages. If you want the whole internet connection to yourself, check out our business Ethernet deals. Also known as Leased Lines or Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), these packages offer a consistent top speed. Our Leased Line and Ethernet products come with fix times that range from 4-7 hours and firewalls.

Business Broadband

Save £183 vs BT

FREE for 12 months + £16.95 line rental. Simple yet powerful business broadband, with no compromise on quality.

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Save £245 vs BT

HALF-PRICE for 12 months + £16.95 line rental. Totally unlimited business broadband and UK landline & mobile calls.

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Business Fibre

Save £297 vs BT
Superpowered Fibre

Half-Price for 12 months + £16.95 line rental. Totally unlimited Superpowered Fibre Business Broadband, boost your speed up to 76Mbps. 24-month contract applies.

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Our Experience

With over two decades’ experience helping businesses of all types and sizes, you can rely on us to keep you connected. If you would like more information about our internet for business solutions, don’t hesitate to contact our team of specialists working right here in the UK.

The service we’ve received since we moved over to TalkTalk Business means we’re able to get in touch with the right people when we need them. Our helpdesk support manager deals directly with the network and telecoms team, and I can also contact our dedicated account manager.

IT Operations Manager, Fuller’s

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