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EoFTTC from just £90 per month

EoFTTC from just £90 per month

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What is Cloud-ready Ethernet over Fibre (EoFTTC)?

Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet (EoFTTC) is provided by copper from your business premises over the short distance to the green cabinets in the street. Unlike standard broadband where the copper then continues all the way to the exchange, Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet traffic travels across a shared fibre optic circuit to the exchange. The extra distance doesn’t lead to ongoing degradation of performance, which allows access to up to 20Mbps symmetrical speed with the additional boost downstream making a total of 76Mbps downstream bandwidth.

This provides an Ethernet service, without the cost, whilst offering great UK wide coverage that’s more often available in residential areas. Ethernet over Fibre is ideal for both Cloud-ready Internet Access and Private Network. Often chosen for its speedy transfers of large data files as well as running simultaneous applications like SIP, video conferencing and real-time business applications.

EoFTTC Benefits

  • Low-cost Ethernet option for £90 per month.

  • Fix time SLA of 7 hours.

  • Ideal for Cloud-ready internet and Private Network.

  • Delivers high speeds and superior reliability.

  • Exclusive, prioritised bandwidth for your connection.

  • Put up to 200 voice lines on one connection.

  • Downstream/Upstream speeds of up to 76/20 mbps.

  • Quicker installation than other Ethernet products.

  • 24/7 UK based support team.

  • Available on 1 or 3 year contracts.

  • More Points of Presence (PoPs) than other providers.

  • 99.995% network reliability.

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EoFTTC Details

Bandwidth & Performance


  • Available as a symmetric or bursting data service.
  • The downstream bandwidth is capable of bursting up to 80Mbps. We don’t cap at 20Mbps downstream so if you can achieve more on your connection then use it free of charge.

Our Technology

  • TalkTalk Business delivers EoFTTC across our all-IP Next Generation Network which covers more than 95% of the UK.
  • We prioritise bandwidth for consistently high speeds with excellent reliability.
  • Supports both Cloud-ready and Private Network services, Next Generation Voice, cloud-based services, streaming and broadcasting.

Network Capabilities

  • We deliver fast and symmetrical speeds with superior reliability and performance consistency that's achievable only on an uncontended line.
  • Our network allows you to create a multi-site Virtual Private Network mostly over fibre and to put up to 200 voice lines on a single connection


  • If your business requires greater uptime we can also offer additional secondary circuits and security solutions as well as helping you optimise the connection for your business needs. This is provided as data only service.
  • Your connectivity stays at maximum symmetrical speed 100% of the time due to your own uncontended line

SLAs & Support Service


  • We offer an enhanced 7 hour fault fixing SLA that's backed by service credits.


  • We understand that you need to be online for your customers and employees. We’re here to ensure you are always connected with our 24x7 UK based business experts.

Joining Process

Installation Support

  • We will assign an account manager (desk based or field) who will be your first point of call into TalkTalk Business.
  • For an additional cost, we can also provide a service manager who will give regular performance reviews of your Cloud-Ready Private Network.
  • Enhanced delivery includes a Project Manager who will oversee the end to end process at an additional cost.
  • We fully manage all practical aspects at your premises, ensuring minimal disruption to your day-to-day business.
  • Ethernet is fully go-live tested during the installation process.

Lead Times

  • EoFTTC installs can usually be done within 30 days due to our nimble onboarding process.


Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet (EoFTTC) is available on 1 or 3 year contracts.

Easy to do Business With

Whether you’re looking for a simple package or a managed solution, we make the process hassle-free from joining to using to changing. With over 600 dedicated UK-based business specialists, you’ll find the help you need.

See how TalkTalk Business being 'Easy to Deal With' is critical to Fuller's pubs.

Why TalkTalk Business

60% More Ethernet Exchanges vs BT
95% UK Coverage
7 Hour Fast Fix Time SLA
99.995% Network Reliability
More Points of Presence than Other Providers
90% First Call Resolution & 24/7 UK Support

BAM Nuttall Case Study

Bam Nuttall

"In order to achieve our goals for the business and our customers, we had to explore the capabilities of alternate ISPs. TalkTalk Business stood out from the start. Not only could they deliver the performance levels we sought, but they guaranteed a fantastic proposition and service wrap. They’ve been excellent from the outset and are developing into a trusted partner to our business."

TalkTalk Business stood out from the start
Asset and Deployment Manager

DX Case Study

DX Case Study

"TalkTalk Business stood out from the start. When it came to the tender stage, they demonstrated capability, flexibility and complete transparency. This came through when we talked to their existing customers too. They’ve been excellent from the outset and are developing into a trusted partner to our business."

They demonstrated capability, flexibility and complete transparency
Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Want to Switch To Us But Can't?

Want to Switch To Us But Can't?

If you can't switch providdue to your current contract then get in touch so that we can help you get the right deal for your business.

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Terms and conditions

This package is only available on fully loaded 100MB circuits and above, excluding 10Gb circuits. Zone 2/B pricing does not include any distance charges, distance charges will not be discounted.

Prices are based 3-year term and for both EAD & EoFTTC going live, if one of the services doesn't go live then RRP will be charged for all other services including routers. If one service is cancelled Full Cancellation charges will apply. If EAD is cancelled due to ECC’s, then the EoFTTC will be charged at RRP.

All prices exclude VAT.