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Cloud-ready Private Network

Cloud-ready Private Network

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Improve performance with a private Wide Area Network (WAN) that’s fast, flexible and secure.

We have more points of presence than any other provider

What is a Cloud-ready Private Network?

Using a choice of access technologies, our Cloud-ready Private Network (MPLS) connects all your geographically diverse business sites together to create a private, highly secure and scalable network. It is ideal for a range of companies with multiple sites, particularly businesses that need to share data and want private networking solutions without significant capital expense.

TalkTalk Business can provide a range of flexible product options from broadband through to Ethernet Access Direct and enhanced boosts available, such as including mobile backup or enhanced monitoring. Our solution offers you the flexibility and scalability to adapt as your business needs change. All of our services are designed to provide high levels of resilience, performance and configurability to meet your company’s specific demands.

Private Network Benefits

  • More Points of Presence (PoP) than other providers.

  • 99.995% network reliability.

  • Data traffic prioritisation for consistent services.

  • Cloud Ready multi-service secure connectivity.

  • UK and International access technologies.

  • Secure, resilient and reliable site connectivity.

  • An interactive monitoring portal.

  • Fix times SLAs from 5-hours.

  • 24/7 access to our UK based support team.

  • Configurable service wrap options.

  • Separate your traffic into Private Network, Internet, Voice and Cloud Services.

  • Range of product boosts such as mobile backup and enhanced monitoring.

Private Network Details

Connectivity Choices

Connect your sites by creating your own secure and robust Cloud-ready Private Network using:


  • Up to 76 Mbps downstream subject to product and distance.
  • Ability to boost to 80Mb downstream bandwidth.
  • Businesses who require 24/7 UK based support and totally unlimited Broadband.
  • Small to mid-size firms that need fast connectivity.

Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet (EoFTTC)

  • Up to 20 Mbps guaranteed symmetrical bandwidth.
  • Businesses who require low cost leased line and fibre Ethernet type services.
  • Businesses who have outgrown ADSL for bandwidth, business priority or availability.
  • Businesses typically located in residential areas.
  • Running SIP, video conferencing and real-time business applications.

Ethernet First Mile (EFM) 2 pair and 4 pair

  • Up to 10 or 20Mbps bandwidth options.
  • Businesses looking for a speed upgrade where no Ethernet over Fibre is available.
  • Leased lines Businesses that rely heavily on the internet for on-site or cloud based services.
  • Growing businesses that are increasingly using high-quality voice (SIP), data, video and CRM systems and need greater resilience.

Ethernet Access Direct (EAD)

  • Up to 1Gbps bandwidth speeds available.
  • Businesses that require the most reliable business connection available and must be online and operational 24/7.
  • Businesses with employees that are split over multiple sites, using central business; critical ERP, logistics, trading or CRM systems
  • Businesses that are affected by interference or need to ensure privacy of connection - so require true Ethernet connectivity

Other (International, Internet breakout etc.)

  • Solutions available for all site locations including International locations.
  • Internet breakout from the private network via one or dual firewalls to provide secure connectivity to the internet.

Quality & Performance

Our Service

  • We offer a selection of configurable services such as Project Management and Enhanced Performance Monitoring.

Network Capabilities

  • You can choose from a wide range of product boosts to add to your Cloud-ready Private Network. Boosts range from low latency Private Cloud Connect, Mobile Backup, Business WiFi ,SIP Trunks, and Hosted Voice.
  • By using the TalkTalk Business to provide Cloud-ready private network, you can take advantage of a direct route for traffic to pass between sites, meaning low latency and reduced packet loss.
  • TalkTalk Business are already peered with 330 global Partners, which gives us one of the best connected core networks in the UK

Traffic Optimisation

  • Our Cloud-ready Private Networks have prioritisation over our core network and with QoS we can optimise critical traffic flow at each site, ensuring better business performance.

Resiliance and Reliability

  • All of our services are designed to provide high levels of resilience, with additional connectivity, using diverse routing, an alternative access method/supplier, or using Mobile failover.

Joining Process

Dedicated Account Manager

  • We will assign an account manager (desk based or field) who will be your first point of call into TalkTalk Business.
  • We can also provide a service manager (for additional cost) who will give regular performance reviews of your Cloud-ready Private Network.   

Lead Times

  • Joining TalkTalk Business can be done in a few weeks (as quickly as 3-4 weeks) due to our nimble onboarding process. This is dependent on the service chosen and the overall requirements.
  • *Customers can expect to be connected 11 days faster than other providers when choosing our Direct Internet Access (Ethernet) product.
  • Enhanced delivery includes a Project Manager who will oversee the end to end process at an additional cost.

SLA's & Service Support

The below SLAs are backed by Service Credits, so you are in safe hands.


  • Standard Care - 3 day fix.
  • Enhanced Care - Next Day fix.


  • Ethernet over Fibre (EoFTTC) - 7 hour fix.
  • Ethernet in the First Mile, 2 pair and 4 pair (EFM) - 7 hour fix.
  • Ethernet Direct Access - 5 hour fix.

The managed router and firewall come with a 5 hour fix once we identify that the fault lies with the equipment not the connectivity.

Easy to do Business With

Whether you’re looking for a simple package or a managed solution, we make the process hassle-free from joining to using to changing. With over 600 dedicated UK-based business specialists, you’ll find the help you need.

See how TalkTalk Business being 'Easy to Deal With' is critical to Fuller's pubs.

Product Boosts

Mobile Backup
Mobile Backup provides users with an additional 3rd party router, equipped with two roaming SIM cards. The router serves as a resiliency measure in the event of any loss in connectivity, by utilising it’s roaming IMs until the primary circuit issues are resolved.

  • Ensures business continuity and resilience for critical applications and systems such as PoS, stock management etc.
  • The dynamic SIMs constantly searches for the best network provider at each location, at any given time.
  • You can choose which applications to prioritise in the event of the loss of the fixed network

Private Cloud Connect
Private Cloud Connect allows for secure Cloud-ready Private Network breakout to third party Cloud Service Providers.

  • Ensures that business traffic is transmitted and received in a secure private environment that does not touch the public Internet.
  • All traffic is managed within a secure, high performance environment between our network and the cloud provider, meaning we can provide this solution with low latency.
  • Connectivity to major cloud services providers such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon web Services.
  • Data can be stored securely in the cloud but access from anywhere, thus reducing local stored data requirements and allows for scalable solutions based on changing business needs.

Enhanced Monitoring 
Provides full proactive monitoring and management of network, infrastructure and applications including alerting and reporting.

  • In depth view of WAN & LAN devices to support fault diagnostics.
  • Detailed reporting and trend analysis including application usage, site availability and traffic flow.
  • Automated and configurable alarms for early visibility of outages or potential issues.

Business WiFi

Business WiFi provides a fully managed ‘business grade’ solution which is scalable, highly secured, allows for rich data collection and analysis and a ‘5- bar’ level of coverage across the premise.

  • A ‘5 bar’ connectivity service throughout the premises, providing excellent coverage for your external customers. WiFi traffic is also segregated from the rest of your business’ data to ensure any sensitive data remains secure and untouchable.
  • Encourages customers to make the most of the in-store WiFi capabilities, whilst capturing valuable customer data.
  • A flexible WiFi Solution which can be scaled accordingly to your needs, meaning that we can meet your business needs regardless of your size and requirements.

Routers and Firewalls

  • There is the option to choose a managed router or firewall with popular brands such as Cisco and Dell SonicWALL.

Why TalkTalk Business

60% More Ethernet Exchanges vs BT
95% UK Coverage
Fix Time SLAs from 5 Hours
99.995% Network Reliability
Faster Setup vs other Providers*
90% First Call Resolution & 24/7 UK Support

Let's Discuss Your Requirements

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Fuller's Case Study

Fullers Logo"The service we've received since we moved over to TalkTalk Business means we’re able to get in touch with the right people when we need them. Our helpdesk support manager deals directly with the network and telecoms team, and I can also contact our dedicated account manager."

We're able to get in touch with the right people when we need them
Oliver Boardman, ICT Manager

Carter Synergy Case Study

Carter Synergy Case StudyOur business offering is reliant on connectivity. With over 100 mobile engineers across the UK on 24-hour call to serve our customers, we needed a robust and reliable network design that maximises uptime across each of our sites. TalkTalk Business’ tailored proposition and service wrap has provided exactly that.

We needed a robust and reliable network design that maximises uptime
Group ICT Manager, Carter Synergy

DX Case Study

TalkTalk Business stood out from the start. When it came to the tender stage, DX Case Studythey demonstrated capability, flexibility and complete transparency. This came through when we talked to their existing customers too. They’ve been excellent from the outset and are developing into a trusted partner to our business.

They’ve been excellent from the outset
Mike Sturrock, Chief Information Officer
Is your network strategy Cloud-ready?

Is your network strategy Cloud-ready?

47% of UK enterprises said they are considering new network and connectivity services Source: Ovum. View our webinar to learn more about what is driving this.

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Cloud-ready Private Network Features

The features of our Cloud-ready Private Network (MPLS) network service allow you to identify data and mark it as a priority between sites, ensuring better business performance, optimising the network and maintaining high service quality. You can also integrate an MPLS into our Data Centre, taking the hassle of management and the costs off your hands.

There is the option to choose a managed router or firewall with popular brands such as Cisco and Dell SonicWALL. We also offer a selection of additional value added services from technical design to project management.

When you choose TalkTalk Business for your MPLS network, you’ll benefit from round the clock support from our UK-based team, giving you all-important peace of mind. If you would like to find out more about these solutions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our specialists. You can also get further details by downloading our product documentation.

Great For

  • Multi-site Businesses

    Multi-site Businesses

  • Range of Product Options

    Range of Product Options

  • Great UK Coverage

    Great UK Coverage

  • Business Grade SLA

    Business Grade SLA

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