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Call Recording

Cloud based, resilient and high quality, perfect for bulk call volumes.

Great For

  • Call Centres

    Call Centres

  • Multi-site Businesses

    Multi-site Businesses

  • Remote Working

    Remote Working

  • Easy to Set-up

    Easy to Set-up


  • Highly secure, recordings are stored across multiple locations.

  • Highly scalable, with no lineage or capacity restrictions.

  • No set-up charges for the basic features.

  • Rapid service set-up.

  • Business grade assurance wrap.

  • Minimal training required.

  • Ideal for multi-site contact centres which transfer calls across their sites.

What is Hosted Call Recording?

This is a cloud-based, call recording solution. There’s no on-site equipment and all control is managed using a secure portal. It enables organisations to easily and cost-effectively record inbound and outbound calls to an office, remote location, or even home environment without the need or cost of infrastructure and hardware. All call recordings are securely stored in our network and can be accessed using a secure web portal. You can search the recording archive based on Time, Date, and Calling Number etc. to narrow down the number of records returned. These can then be played or downloaded to your PC.

As it’s a fully hosted solution, there are no limits on the number of recordings or the amount of simultaneous calls that can be recorded. All upgrades and maintenance charges are included in our pricing.

The Details


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Our call recording solutions are not PCI compliant, but have some features which can help you meet your PCI obligations. However, these need to be reviewed and accepted as suitable for your use. Unfortunately, TalkTalk Business can’t accept responsibility for any data breaches as a result of these products being used in a PCI environment.

Below, are two new features which have been introduced to help anyone using our Hosted Call Recording product to be PCI compliant? Either one will complement your manual or automated payment procedure and are added after the recording options for inbound and/or outbound have been made.


Manual (DTMF) controlled stop/start

When this option is enabled, all calls are recorded until, the conversation reaches a point where payment details may be spoken. The controlling party then stops the call recording by entering a simple key sequence, like 55, using their telephone keypad. Once stopped, the agent will be played a whisper message “recording paused” or “recording resumed”. Whilst the details are being taken, the agent will hear nothing but a couple of audio beeps every 30 seconds to remind them that the recording has been paused. Once the process is complete, recording can continue by pressing the 55 keys again. When listening to a recording, the section that was paused is filled with ‘white noise’, which masks sensitive data whilst keeping the time stamp integrity of the call.

This solution works with most telephone systems, it’s quick to set-up and doesn’t need a complex or expensive infrastructure. 


DTMF Filtering

This feature ensures all calls are continuously recorded and any DTMF signals in the audio recording path are removed before they’re sent to the recording servers. It’s designed for calls without an agent, where automated payment solutions are being used, and the card details are entered by the caller using the telephone keypad. When listening to a recording, the section that would have contained DTMF digits representing card details is filled with a tone, which replaces sensitive data whilst maintaining the time stamp integrity of the call.


  • Resilient and secure with built-in protection including Access Control and back-up.
  • All recordings are stored in multiple, geographically separate locations.  
  • Our UK based support team provides specialist support.
  • You have 24/7 access to our fault management team.

System Security

All Hosted Call Recording system components like servers, storage, databases etc. are held at TalkTalk’s secure data centres. They’re highly protected against logical and physical attacks using a variety of systems, including video surveillance.

Core components are duplicated, in some case triplicates are deployed and are designed and scaled to be Telco grade. Call recordings are only accessible by you, the customer and a very limited and controlled number of operational staff.

TalkTalk Technology (TTT), the network arm of TalkTalk Group designed and operate the network and infrastructure on which Hosted Call Recording is built. All systems within the Network are designed and operated according to the ISMS policies defined by TTT’s Business Continuity group. This covers such policies as Access Control, Back-up and Encryption.

Bulk downloading of call recordings can only be performed by TTT engineering staff, which is a strictly controlled process requiring formal authorisation. Off-loaded recordings are encrypted before being sent to the customer using a dedicated courier. Encryption keys to access the media are sent under separate means.

You’d normally access your recordings using our web-browser interface (MS Internet Explorer) which uses digital certificate technology to validate the user’s browser to the TalkTalk network as well as requiring a valid username and password combination. You can request as many user accounts (and different restriction levels) as you need at the initial order stage. If you wait, you might have to pay additional charges if they’re ordered later. 

Selective Call Recording

Hosted Call Recording offers selective outbound recording, e.g. on Managers’ phone lines on outgoing calls, where a dialling prefix 18412 will record and 1840 will not record. To arrange this, you need to provide a full list of numbers to be included or excluded from recording along with the Order Form.

You can also program individual keys, like button 8 to record, and button 9 to not record, or program extensions to record or not record but you may need your PBX switch maintainer to do this for you.

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