SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking

Thinking of upgrading your telephony to IP Voice?

Why are IP Voice solutions, such as SIP Trunking or Hosted Voice, important for your business?

3 things you need to know about IP Voice services:

  1. Trusted technology: 45% of UK businesses have now adopted IP Voice services (i.e. SIP Trunks and Hosted Voice).
  2. Huge cost savings: 96% of businesses who have adopted IP Voice services have made savings.
  3. Future proof your business: 29% are not aware that ISDN telephone lines will be switched off in 2025

Sources: Cavell – SIP and IP Trunking Market Report & Forecast 2016 and IP Voice Censuswide Study, October 2016.


SIP Trunks

Our SIP Trunks service provides reliable voice connectivity between your PBX and our network. The benefits include increased flexibility, control, resiliency and reduced costs.

  • Great value Bundles/PAYG.
  • Spend Management & auto-suspend tools to help mitigate the risk against PBX fraud.
  • End-to-end management.

Great for

  • All Businesses All Businesses
  • Low Cost Calls Low Cost Calls
  • Easy to Set-up Easy to Set-up
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from £7p/m a user

Hosted Voice

Make managing your calls simple with one single supplier and one transparent pricing system. With a wealth of features and no on-site server you have great flexibility and resilience, all taken care of by us.

  • Flexible, self-service portal makes changes and expansion simple.
  • Use with IOS & Android mobile devices as well as your laptop or desk phone.
  • New features easily added without upgrades or costly technology.

Great for

  • Growing businesses Growing businesses
  • Low Cost Calls Low Cost Calls
  • Remote Working Remote Working
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The countdown to the 2025 ISDN switch-off has begun

Kara HowardIn 2025 BT will switch off the traditional ISDN network and such services will be replaced by more modern and cost-effective IP Voice services. But it’s not just the 2025 deadline, that is motivating businesses to switch. Read Kara's blog.

Is international expansion on your agenda?

steve_harringtonMany businesses have upgraded to IP Voice services due to the built-in flexibility to re-route calls or even the ability to provide phone numbers that are geographically-independent of your team’s location. Perfect if you are looking to expand. Read Steve’s blog.
wallet96% of the businesses who adopted IP Voice reported making savings. On average this saving was 35% compared to traditional ISDN telephony services.

Censuswide, IP Voice study, October 2016