The Future of IP Voice

The technology used to make traditional phone calls is being modernised and old analogue phone lines are, over time, being replaced with a new digital network, also called a VoIP (Voice Over IP) network.


This is the future of telephony. With fibre direct into the small or home office, there’s no need for a separate telephone line and socket. Multiple services – data and voice – will all run over a single line, so you’ll no longer need to rely on the old copper technology that has existed for 140 years. Telephony is joining the digital revolution, with fibre delivering all your communication needs – internet and phone – to your office in one socket.


For small businesses, this means you’ll be able to plug your phone into your Wi-Fi Hub router to move your calls to fibre and experience the fairer future of communications.


Our aim is to enable all our customers to embrace new fibre technologies and digital voice, and completely move to this exciting new era by 2025.


But how does it work?

Fibre connected direct to the office (sometimes called Fibre to the Premises or FTTP) will deliver the future of calls without the need for a separate phone connection. With voice over the internet, you connect your phone into your hub and TalkTalk enables your calls without the need for a separate connection delivered over old copper wires.


So, when does all this happen?

Not immediately – and not for everyone at the same time. The full UK changeover will happen over a number of years. There’s nothing for you to do at the moment and your current internet and phone will continue to work as normal, but we’ll get in touch with more information closer to the time.