Our consultancy service

Our consultancy service

The Consultation Process

Starting out as a new client can be exciting and daunting. Our teams are highly skilled in both the consultation process and the delivery of our innovative solutions. First we work closely with you to understand and ensure every detail is covered. We like to get to grips with your business’ core challenges and make sure we have a clear idea of what you need now and what your goals are for the future.

Getting to know you

Our technical team of consultants aim to establish which applications are critical to running your business, while also assessing what you currently have in terms of infrastructure and systems. Armed with all the information they need, they’ll propose a design that’s built around your business, how it operates now and how you think it might evolve.

There’s no pre-defined solution waiting. Whatever we recommend is unique to you and your needs, taking into account cost, technical design, your functional requirements and what you’d ideally like. We also base a solution on how it will integrate with your existing systems and operations, being mindful of investments you’ve already made.

Our proposal

If you like our ideas and choose TalkTalk Business as your partner we take it to the next level. We’ll compile our Project Initiation Document or PID. This details our recommendations and is really our service promise to you. It offers a full commercial breakdown, detailed technical specifications and features everything you need to know, including how it will be implemented and a timescale.

Delivering our design

The crucial part of our service delivery is the switch over that gets you up and running on our new service. If you have a large, multi-site organisation, you’ll have your own dedicated Project Account Manager and a Project Manager working within your business to assure a smooth transition. They’ll liaise with your team to guarantee a swift, efficient transfer. It’s all part of us making the complex simple and fuss-free.

Keeping you in the loop

Understanding the process and relaying information to your team and partners is an important part of our service. We provide a range of information to keep you all up to date, from change control documents, to understanding how the scope is changing and why, as well as regular rag reports, meeting minutes and installation method statements.

Switching over

For many solutions, we’re able to minimise downtime and disruption by creating a ‘parallel build’. This means the old system and the new solution run alongside each other whilst the new one is stringently tested. Once it’s at its best, we gradually switch off the old network site by site. On the day your services go live, your transfer team will be on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly and to help with any questions you have. 

When it came to the tender stage, they demonstrated capability, flexibility and complete transparency. What’s more, they guaranteed superior solutions at a price point that simply blew their competition out of the water. They’ve been excellent from the outset and have quickly developed into a trusted partner to our business, ensuring we can now face the future with confidence.

Group ICT Manager, Carter Synergy