Change your wireless channel

All wireless routers broadcast Wi-Fi signals on a channel. If any of these channels get too busy – i.e. if your neighbour’s router is broadcasting on the same channel as yours – it can interfere with your signal and slow your internet down.

Before you change your wireless channel, try rebooting your router first. This gives your router a chance to automatically select the best channel and is often more accurate than choosing a channel yourself. If this doesn't help, try changing your wireless channel manually using the steps for your router below.

  1. Open your browser and type in to go to the router admin page
  2. Now enter your router username and password. You’ll find these on the sticker underneath the removable settings card on back of your Wi-Fi Hub
  3. On the Dashboard page, select the See Wi-Fi settings button
  4. Then choose the Manage advanced settings button
  5. Select Continue on the pop-up box
  6. Now choose Advanced configuration followed by WLAN
  7. Select 2.4GHz Advanced Network
  8. Choose a new channel from the Channel drop-down list (which channel should I use?)
  9. Select Apply
  10. To change your Wi-Fi channel for 5GHz too, select 5GHz Advanced Network and follow steps 8 and 9