Change your Business Wi-Fi Hub's security settings

Your Wi-Fi Hub automatically uses WPA2, which is the safest, most secure wireless protection. However, some devices can only connect to Wi-Fi using an older version called WPA. If you're having problems connecting any of your devices, here's how to change your Wi-Fi Hub's security settings to use WPA2 and WPA at the same time.

  1. Open your browser and type in to go to the router admin page
  2. Login with your router username and password. You can find them on the sticker underneath the removable settings card on back of your Wi-Fi Hub
  3. Select the See Wi-Fi settings button on the Dashboard page
  4. Now Select Manage advanced settings
  5. Select on the blue cog icon in the Wi-Fi 2.4GHz settings section
  6. Then select the drop-down arrow next to WPA2 Personal
  7. Select WPA2/WPA Personal from the list
  8. Select the Apply button 
  9. Now repeat for the “Wi-Fi 5GHz” Network